Thursday, February 24, 2011

christina perri ... cool rocker chic

I was listening to Grooveshark the other day and I heard that song the Jar of Hearts...and well...I really loved it. It's so pretty but so heartwrenchingly heartfelt (yes lots of hearts in this song). I liked the imagery of this selfish person collecting a jar of hearts too. Maybe because Bloomers have something with mason jars? I pictured them storing the hearts on a shelf of mason jars. Anyway, I think we all can relate to the lyrics on some level or another, no? But MUSIC ASIDE, I checked out the official video and I liked it even MORE! I thought her dress was very cool - I don't know WHAT has gotten into me but I think THIS would be a cool bad ass wedding dress too. And I also liked the dancing. It reminded me of So You Think You Can Dance. So, I googled the artist Christina Perri, and found out she was an unsigned artist, and her song WAS featured on So You Think You Can Dance (the dancers were in her video!), to a dance choreographed by Stacey Tookey, who had received the rough un-professionally recorded version from this girl's friend (good friend eh?)! Any way, overnight SUCCESS, her song was in the top 10 downloads on iTunes immediately. Cool story huh? I can't help it, I like this girl, she seems really funky. I like her hair, I like her tattoos, I like her grungy style, I like her imperfect teeth, I like her music. Maybe I'd like to be her too :p

I dunno, I think this would be a cool wedding dress too...I have a very angry bride thing going on...I seem to be into black on white wedding dresses...and wouldn't mind sporting some tattoos with it either!

ok maybe the heavy army boots would be too much for a wedding but definitely the funky blonde highlight...

i just really like the silhouette of this dress! Especially the top.

Here's the So You Think You Can Dance's really beautiful too. I like the colours in their outfits too...especially the guy's reddish skinny tie.

she also has awesome hair no? i like that one blonde highlight...

just some cool rocker style...

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