Tuesday, August 31, 2010

sugar beach looks delicious!

Does everyone know about Sugar Beach in Toronto?? Because it is news to me...just learned about it on CP24 and it looks adorable! They took a yucky parking lot next to the Redpath Sugar Factory and decided to transform it into a beach! The parking lot is now filled with white sand, adorable pink umbrellies and white muskoka chairs. They even brought in giant stones from Quebec and painted them with candy stripes! And there is a little splash park for some sweet relief from the heat. Oh my goodness this is fabulous!

Monday, August 30, 2010

jenna's pinkmitzvah

On Saturday, the Bloomers decorated our cute cousin Jenna's bat mitzvah at the Four Seasons Hotel in Yorkville. Jenna loves pink. Pink pink pink everywhere. So...pink and black and silver it was, with polka dots, crystals, giant candy bar and giant balloons...it was a grand success! Congratulations Jenna :)
{our decor photography was done by Craig Morrison...thanks Craig}

Thursday, August 26, 2010

gray stained furniture?

I've decided to start with decorating our bedroom! I think it's an important space that goes neglected too long. Right now, our bedroom feels very big and white, so much that I can't really sleep. I might be like my little neice, Sage, who needs to be swaddled in order to sleep. So, I will swaddle myself in colour and decor. We've decided to go with gray walls, a bit darker than normal, to make the room feel a bit smaller. And maybe refinish our furniture in lighter or darker shades of gray for a monochromatic feeling. I've been wondering about staining my bedside tables gray, but there's not much out there on the net that shows me whether this will look good or not. Guess I'll just have to pioneer it and try it out! Here's some inspiration I did find though for gray furniture...

i love the look these wicker chairs from Crate and Barrel. That's the colour I was thinking of for our bedside tables.

wow, gray door. looks neat. maybe I should paint all the doors upstairs grey! {pic from remodelista}

a gray bedside table from cb2...a bit more metallic than I had in mind but we get the idea.

staining our chest of drawers gray might look like this {pic from kioskdesign}...

beautiful gray table {via remodelista}!!

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

shayna bloomer belly update: 7ish months

{3 months!}

{4 months!}

{5 months!}

{6 months!}

{7 months!}

I'm getting there!! Can't believe I'm already at 7 months but it also feels like I've been pregnant forever! Little confession: I don't actually climb silks anymore...I just hopped on a foot off the ground for my picture. Let's hope I can even hop on for my picture the next 2 months!

Monday, August 23, 2010

stairs deserve some attention too

these stairs actually make me want to cry. {from Apartment Therapy}

omg, metal stairs. cold on the feetsies but oh so cool! {from anne sage}

these wood stairs makes me want to cry too! {from anne sage}

focus on the stairs here...i think this one actually might be more do-able and functional for our house (for handyman Craigger to do too). {pic from apartment therapy}

uh oh i never even THOUGHT to stencil the risers!! {from apartment therapy}

pears on stairs. it's fun to say, try it!

very simple, clean-lined stairs with no banister. love this too. and definitely more suitable for our house. {pic from Remodelista}

a neat "natural runner" eh? Lynn Bloomer sent me this one. The way the stairs are situated is actually alot like ours...the living room off to the left and you can see through to the kitchen. {pic from remodelista}

ohhhh my. marvy! i never thought to wallpaper the risers, but this is so awesome. i wonder if craigger will be ok with this because I really want to do this!! {pic from apartment therapy}

I won't lie, our new stairs are ugly. Everything from the banister to the orangey stain to the carpet to the oak wood. We just ordered our maple hardwood on Friday (YAY...change of plans...going with "graphite" not "pepper") but now we turn our attention to ... the stairs. Doo doo (sung with impending doom). Well...it is very expensive to get treads, so my handy dandy Craigger is going to do a little something something with our stairs. And that might start with taking that horrid banister OFF altogether (yes, we'll put a new one on if we have kiddilies). Here are some stair inspirations. My oh my, when you start looking, you can find some marvy stairs out there. Now I'm excited. Thanks to Lynn Bloomer for starting the ball rolling with ideas!

Friday, August 20, 2010

more man fashion!

{aww...check out his bicycle tie...adorable!}

{This guy is awesome...he really took fashion chances and it is so cute!}


{LOVE the teal ties and the complimentary colour choice for the groom!!}

{sorry so tiny but I think you can get the picture - I just really like the look of this mis-matched yet perfectly matched crew!}

{for the more formal wedding party you can still add a bit of funky by way of socks!}

I've always got my eye out for some good groom fashion. Mostly we concentrate on what the bride and bridesmaids are wearing and we leave the poor mans fending for themselves in icky rental tux stores. I'm loving how they are starting to take some initiative {or letting their bride's have more of a say!} and taking some fashion forward chances. Good on ya mans!

Pics 1 & 2 from Brooklyn Bride
Pics 3, 4 & 5 from Green Wedding Shoes
Pic 6 from Unknown Source {woopsies!}

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

maternity style inspiration: nicole richie

I am getting a little concerned about my fall maternity look! This summer has been so hot I've basically worn every sundress in my closet and the 3 pairs of awesome shorts I snagged at H&M in the spring. I really didn't wear jeans or leggings at all. But I'm a bit unsure about how to dress this tummy for fall. I think Nicole Richie looked awesome during her pregnancy...very funky and yet very comfortable {except for the pic with the sky high heels...I'm not doing that!!}. Methinks I might just have to copy her in my last trimester. I really hope it doesn't get too cold by beginning of November because all my winter coats are VERY fitted to my old size! I also totally want her bangs but think maybe it would be best to wait and see how much time I'll actually have to do my bangs after the baby is born!!