Monday, August 16, 2010

the puppets!

I've been dying to blog about our lil food puppets! Last week, my bloomer beau Craigger decided to enter a Pepto Bismal commercial competition with a hefty reward if you win. He decided to make a food puppet commercial. So. We sat down, with the help of a few good friends of course, and made puppets ALL weekend long. It was so much fun! I LOVE puppet-making. Seriously, there is nothing else I'd rather do than make a poppet or two on Friday and Saturday night. Then, on Tuesday and Wednesday, with a crew of about 10 people, we turned our new house into a film set and filmed Craig's scripts...with yours truly as the candy cane and sausage talent. Again, maybe one of the most hilarious nights of my life - I cried until midnight I was laughing so hard. Especially at the doofus baked potato. Anyway, the commercials are finally done, and uploaded ... click here! I think Craigger and his friend did an amazing job on the commercials, and I sure do hope they win. You can help them out by voting - I know it's a pain to have to sign up, but it sure would help :) And...let me know what do you think?! You likey? Do we smell career opportunity for Sesame Street? Or is that nachos I'm's the direct link: . Check out Craigger's portfolio for more of his work:

mr. stuffing was my favourite

oh, the baked potato is just a silly doofus.

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