Wednesday, July 29, 2009

nifty nic-nacs

How cool are these?! I like when people take old things and put a new twist on them. I would like a set of all of these for my house...starting to rethink the whole no registry thing!! The "Daily Aesthetics Collection" and more cool things can be found online at Abitare...I might want a registry there!

hello israel!

In light of our upcoming trip to Israel for my wedding, I decided to show you a little bit about this beautiful country we are going to see. Its funny because as I was researching Joelle Bloomer coincidentally sent me this link {Tel Me More, Tel Me More!} that she received today from DailyCandy! Such a clever title...wish I came up with it myself! It gives a few ideas of where to go in Tel Aviv. Specifically I'll be taking the family to shop on trendy Shenkin Street, for sweet potato latkes at Orna & Ella, and the Nachalat Binyamin market! We are also going up north to the the Golan Heights, to my favorite town Zichron Ya'akov, to Jerusalem, the Dead Sea and many, many of the glorious beaches. And oh wedding :)

I found some pictures on a blog called The Real Israel that I think are a great snapshot of what we'll be seeing. As for the wedding I'm pretty much done the planning however I'm still having trouble with the bouquet. Sadly poppies just aren't going to work there. I think I might research big orange dahlias instead...stay tuned!

{The Dead of the most magical places to be!}

{View of Old Jerusalem}

{Artists' Colony in Einhod which is near Haifa}

{The stunning Bahai Temple in Haifa}

{The port in Haifa}

{Tel Aviv!}

new house: grey with mustard?

I got a very exciting call from our house developer today. I am to come in next week and finalize my colour choices, as the builders are expected to begin building in only one or two weeks. Yay! I really WILL have a house one day and can move out this little closet I've been living in for 2 years! Now, I've told you all before that I'd like to go very neutral and minimal - I need a space that will allow for the de-cluttering of the mind. No need for lots of stuff! I liked the idea of the plainest whitest walls and dark wood floors ... but then again, lately my mind is going to greys as well, especially for the upstairs. I just love grey right now, and especially love it when mixed with yellow or mustard - kind of like Joelle and my bridesmaids dresses for the circus wedding looked! Here are some of my favourite pics of late ... pics 1,2, 4 from Anne Sage and pic 3 from inBloom Studio's blog via House and Home magazine.

Monday, July 27, 2009

israel love

Finished the circus wedding, and onto another adventure...the three 'Bloomers are off to Israel in only a few weeks for yet another wedding of Shayna Bloomer's. Yes, in Israel and on the beach this time! This will certainly be a trip of a lifetime. My friends always come back with funky, beautiful stuff from Israel, and so I did a search today for some cool Israeli decor to inspire me, and lo and behold, I found this awesome Israeli jewellery designer that, well, inspired me! Israeli-based designer, Yael, of Yoola's makes these really loverly wire crocheted pea pod beads, pears and pomegranates. They are so sweet and I would like one or two for myself! Anyone know any other gorgeous Israel inspired designers? Let's get inspired!!

Friday, July 24, 2009

i saw a cake wreck

Remember our post a while back about the very entertaining Cake Wrecks blog? The one that features all of the nasty cakes-gone-wrong? Well I saw one with my very own eyes! Yesiree...displayed proudly in the front window of a bakery in Chicago was a wedding cake wreck supreme. Complete with faux silk flowers, escalators, and a bridge between various tiers. So not only could the bride and groom have their coveted place atop the cake...the entire wedding party could too! I think this just might deserve a submission to Cake Wrecks...I'll keep you posted.

Happy Friday and have a wonderful weekend Bloomers!

Thursday, July 23, 2009

messy side buns

And on to the next wedding!!! For a completely different wedding than the Circus Wedding, the wedding in Israel will be a very beachy and modern event. I am leaning towards a messy, braided, side bun kinda thing as it seems beach appropriate but also trendy. I also want to get my hair up and out of the way due to the crazy scorching heat we will be dealing with. I've been having fun scouring the internet for some good inspiration pics and I think I came up with quite a few options. I'm thinking I might need some help with a bit of fake hair as these all look best with thicker, wavier hairs than mine.

{Really love Molly Sims' hair}

{Might be a bit too messy casual at the back for a wedding but I like the braids}

{Intrigued by combining Molly Sims' braids with Naomi Watts' side bun}

{I like the braid with the mess but perhaps a tad less of the birds nest mess?}

{This is pretty. Just wonder if my bangs will look this nice in 40 degree humidity? But perhaps I could add the Molly Sims braid to this look as well.}

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

shopaholic dress

Last night, Craiger and I watched the Confessions of a Shopaholic (I swear I didn't force it on him). Ok, it was a pretty dorky movie which is sad since the book was fantastic. So yes, something was dearly wrong with the movie, but the main characters' bridesmaids dress at the end was cute, and reminded me of Shayna Bloomer's wedding dress, which had a similar yellow and teal petticoat under it!! I'm not sure if I'm totally in love with the pinkness of the outer layer of this dress, and would have preferred maybe a soft yellow maybe, but nonetheless, completely adorable! Apparently you can buy this exact petticoat here.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

shayna and dan's circus wedding

The first pics of the circus wedding are in, from Craiger (Melanie Bloomer's uber-talented beau). The wonderful photographers at Ikonica took more shots during the night, and I just KNOW they are going to be fantastic too! BUT here's the catch: The vintage circus wedding may be featured somewhere very secret and important, so until then, these are the only pics that we're allowed to show. We promise - we PROMISE - to publish all the photos as soon as we have the green light!

Monday, July 20, 2009

circus wedding update!

I know all of you are dying to know and see how it all turned out. We have no pictures yet, but I wanted to let you all know that Shayna Bloomer's vintage circus wedding turned out perfectly! It was so much fun and simply beautiful! It began with a beautiful dwarf horse with Farrah Fawcett hair, named Spyke, that posed with guests in a photo booth, while guests got to dress up in fun costumes and use fake mustaches! Then, on to a loverly ceremony marked by flowing teal ribbons from the trees, a collection of small and tall antique wood chairs and benches for guests to sit on, and 100s of sparklers to commerate Shayna and Dan's binding kiss! The doily runners turned out loverly across all the antique wood tables, with dahlias, billy buttons and queen anne's lace centerpieces scattered everywhere...with popcorn machines, cotton candy, pretzels, candle apples, an adorable contortionist, hula hoops for dancing, and a heart-shaped fire pit for roasting marshmallows, it was truly a night to remember! We promise to post pics as soon as we can!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

inBloom featured in Wedding Bells mag!

Check out the new Wedding Bells Fall/Winter 2009 magazine - inBloom Event Design's flower arrangements are featured in their Celebration Flowers section! Yay, Bloomers!! And thanks to Wedding Bells mag for showing our stuff!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

show me some shrug!

Well for some reason it just occurred to me that it might be chilly outside on my wedding eve. Why this only occurred to me now is beyond me seeing as we've been having non-summer for the last couple of years! So I started desperately researching wraps that would compliment my vintage wedding dress. Too bad so sad for me that I very successfully found the most gorgeous examples on Etsy, but with only 2 business days left to the wedding they will clearly not be delivered in time! So now I'm still in the same predicament but drooling over what I clearly can't have. But oooohhhh how I'm in love with them and would like to share them with anyone looking who has more than 2 days to show time!

{Holy crow these are gorgeous!! These three faves of mine can be found on bonzie on Etsy!}

{These three knits are from Starpompon on Etsy}

{Vintage yellow shawl from Crochet Butterfly on Etsy}

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

wee weddings of scotland

A few months ago, inBloom recieved a lil' email from a place called Caisealrag at Crear located in Scotland. They saw our Wee Weddings website, and thought it would be a loverly venue to offer to our Wee Wedding clients. In fact, they too call their weddings Wee Weddings, which makes sense since they are from Scotland and wee seems to be their word! What's a wee wedding? Well, inBloom was offering courses on how to plan your own simple, no fuss, small wedding but make it look gorgeous all the same. {Check out our marvy website designed by inBloom Studio to see the courses we used to offer:}
Anyway, look how gorgeous and adorable Caisealrag at Crear is. You can get married in front of an old ancient fort from 800 AD, overlooking the insanely breathtaking sea. You can eat and dance with your small party there in the little cabin-y place in the middle of a glorious field, then you can go back to your adorable honeymoon cottage for the rest of the weekend. I think Craig's background is Scottish...if only we weren't both so scared of flying!!

it looks like this in the winter!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

circus inspired outfits

In light of my upcoming circus wedding {in case you haven't heard...ha!} I've been doing a lot of research trying to find fun, modern twists you can add to an outfit to wear to a circus wedding or perhaps just for a night on the town! Its kind of strange how much circus is influencing fashion out there right now!

Check out this gorgeous dress found on *kdon* photostream on flickr.

I really really want this beautiful jacket from Top Shop

Love Jennifer Hudson's casual take. Britney looks awesome for a performance/show but I'm not really liking Paula's version...maybe if she took away the big ruffly neck that looks like a choking shirt!

I would love to wear a combination like looks like so much fun! If I weren't the bride at the wedding I might be a guest that wore this!

Then after all my research I discovered that someone already did it for me! Check out The Fashion-y Blog for a whole lotta circus inspired clothing!

And here is one for the mans!