Thursday, March 31, 2011

my lovely lady hooks!

YAH, one day, Lynn Bloomer and I were lonely and bored and in need of a decor project, so we put up the hooks in my front foyer! We had bought different hooks from Home Depot and spray painted them (yellow spray paint being my nemesis and all...why does yellow spray paint NOT work?!). Lynn Bloomer said she'd teach me how to use the drill well...I would like to be fluent with tools...but she accidentally thought I said "drillwell." So alas, we had fun using the drillwell and putting up my hooks and my new mailbox! Thanks to Shayna Bloomer for the mailbox's marvy!

Step 1...paint those hookers...i mean hooks, oops!

Step 2: Figure out where they go and use the drillwell (good thing Lynn Bloomer didn't wear her jogging suit like I told her to...I put her on the blog!)


it was hard to get a good pic since the room is so squishy...but note my new white mailbox to the right. i lerve it. it holds my keys AND the mails, and papers ...and looks purty...for like $8 at Rona!

more hookies...the yellow one is the same colour as my door!

there we are! you can see my mailbox better...on the other side of the wall are my teal ladies (washer and dryer)

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

florida pics!

I'm not sure if I even told my Bloomers that I went to Florida. Just for a quick little vacay to get some sun on my ghostly face. Craigger and I went to adventure and frolic on a few beaches, taking along his new camera of course. Our favourite beach so far was Lovers Key...a secret that a local parking attendant told us about. Guess we looked like good candidates to visit! There was a lot of nature, and the beach was beautiful! Here are some cool pics that he shot. Thought I'd share! He is quite talented...not that I'm biased or anything...check out his other photos at

proof that i actually DID leave the country!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

preggers style alert!

I'm not preggers, and neither are the other Bloomers anymore, but if I WERE preggers, I would totally wear this outfit. I love Penelope. {pic from the People magazine}

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

new store: canvas

Eat your heart out! Lynn Bloomer sent me a link to this store, Canvas, in New York City. I had never seen it before! Oh my, just the pictures, let alone the actual stuff for sale, sets my heart on fire. I want those metal shelves for my office! {all pics from the Canvas website}

Thursday, March 17, 2011

now THESE hardwood floors rock

So, the Bloomers have embarked on another decor journey - renovating our dad's house. It's style is currently very 1980s, with very heavy antiques. My mom was certainly stylish back then, but due to her illness, was unable to update it :( Our Bloomer Dad has been living in a bit of a time warp then, and because he is suffocating under all the heavy woods, he has asked us to fix it all up, to make it look bright, modern and new again. In the process of online research about how to re-finish his oak floors (which we didn't do in the end), I found this AWESOME company in Denmark. I am not a huge fan of oak hardwood flooring because I find the grain to heavy, but the way this Dinesen company does it, it looks AWESOME. I could just lick them, they are so marvy. They must put a white wash on their floors. Not to mention I could live in just about any of these rooms, the decor is so gorgeous. Take a look. You likey?

I fancy this condo:

a darker look:

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

noam bloomer

Thought I should come out of hibernation long enough to show off my latest project....Noamy! He has been keeping me deliciously busy and pushes my creativity daily. We get to choose a number of different outfits to wear each day, he always challenges me to come up with a new look about two...three...occasionally four times a day if I'm lucky. Eventually near the end of the day we choose our nudie outfit because we feel we can't outdo the previous outfits and we won't subject ourselves to sub-par fashion. In addition to outfits, we work very hard at baby stuff home decor. This is one of the most difficult tasks at hand...its certainly great fun to figure out how to make the swing, vibrating chair, play mat and stroller fit with the original home decor. We are pretty proud of our current arrangement now. Finally, it is imperative that we stay current on all baby trends. Us bloomers need to make sure we have all the coolest most useful stuff but not the same stuff that all the other babies have...that would be embarrassing! Other than that we try to sleep a lot and go for can't be all work and no play!

Nudie Noam is our favorite time of day!

He's very confident in his masculinity and loves rockin' his pink onesie.

Skinny jeans and his Nate Berkus cardi...yup he is that cool!

What would a 3 month birthday be without a business shirt, tie and argyle hat??


This is what I wake up to every bestest design ever!!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

these are cool too...

These hooks would work for my front foyer instead though...a good DIY project. I like! Also liked these painted hooks from my Style at Home magazine. I sort of like the idea of a random planned mess of hooks in my front hall.

{pic 1 from Kansas City Event Planning, pic 2 from Style at Home magazine}