Thursday, September 30, 2010

halle berry dresses cool too

the coolest

so simple, love it

also simple, but so cool

long layers over long layers ... with boots

easy breezy cool mom

i like this dress with necklace

i have a thing for just plain white tanks paired with jeans.
So, I found a pic of Halle Berry's outfit that I liked the other day, and was trying to locate it online. Then I realized, Halle Berry does have some really cool outfits in general. I love a cool chic dress down vibe, and it seems when she's out and about casually, she nails it for me!! I'm sure it helps just to be Halle Berry - all those wonderful curves and hairdos. How beautiful can one woman be? AND her baby?! Geez louisa.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shayna bloomer belly update: 8ish months

{3 months!}

{4 months!}

{5 months!}

{6 months!}

{7 months!}

{8 months!}

{8.5 months! I couldn't get to the gym to get my climbing shot for 2 weeks because the Gardiner kept being closed and I'm not good with sitting in traffic anymore due to lack of immediate access toilets!}

Wow how time flies and also creeps at a glacial rate! Can't believe I'm already at this point and can't believe he isn't coming out for another 5 weeks!! Seems like a lifetime of schlepping at this point. I guess the schlepping doesn't really stop after he comes out but at least you can put him down for a few minutes every once in awhile instead of carrying that load 24/7 in the most awkward part of the body for carrying something! I think babies should implant on the upper back...wouldn't that make more sense? You can't sleep on the back would greatly reduce lower back and pelvis pain and you wouldn't need to waddle! Although that would be quite a long journey down toward the birth canal I suppose!

Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze one more picture in although I have to say hopping up even one foot off the ground was a whole new experience for me...I've never felt gravity quite like that before! And getting down was even funnier...check out my favorite awkward shot that Melanie Bloomer took...this visualizes exactly how I feel!! Gives me a good laugh...especially seeing Lynn Bloomer giggling in the corner there!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Lyndsey + Brody's Wedding

This weekend, inBloom completed their 7th wedding in oh about 10 weeks. This one was at Wooden Sticks for Lyndsey and Brody. The colour scheme was chocolate brown, tiffany blue and just a wee tiny bit of pink. The bride wanted it to feel modern and up-scale, but still natural and organic. Speaking of the bride, Lyndsey was so beautiful!! Man she can work a wedding dress, that's for sure. We had such a great time doing this for Lyndsey and Brody...congratulations Mr. and Mrs LaBuick!
The colour scheme was chocolate brown and tiffany blue...

...custom designed menus and placecards had a simple floral design on them to add to the table's organic feel...

Lyndsey bought flip flops for all her guests...cute!

We had never done an escort board like this before but we are glad we tried it was really cool!

...there were candles inside of each's what it looked like all lit up as nighttime approached...purty

The bride's bouquet...this was a brown orchid and was really cool...not sure why it looks so red in the picture!

the tables again...we really worked the white chair covers to try and hide them with the brown chair sashes!

the head table

Lyndsey got m&m's inscribed with their names and wedding date, and she them in little boxes and bags for everyone...yummmy

...AND Lyndsey also got bubbles for everyone to blow on the dance floor (she was busy!)...inBloom couldn't resist tying a matching ribbon around all of them! We do like a good ribbon...

the gorgeous couple...guests signed the matting on this pic...soon to be replaced with their wedding pic!

I snapped this cute pic quickly as the bride and her bridesmaids were walking towards the venue. They looked so beautiful. But seriously, Lyndsey really looked stunning - told you she can work a wedding dress! Loved her hair colour too (she's a hairdresser!)...hopefully she'll let us post a close up when she gets her professional photos!

Friday, September 24, 2010

art gallery party

I think this has been circling around the blog world and I hate to be a copy cat but it is too adorable not to share! One Charming Party, a children's party designer from Salt Lake City has a tutorial posted on her site of how to achieve this amazing Art Gallery Party theme for kids! Or adults...I want one!!! I can't get over all the fabulous bright colours and how it is modern and hip, not your typical kid style party yet still totally kid friendly!

Happy Weekend!!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

the scary beauty of green screen

A few months ago, Craigger showed me this video to demonstrate just how much green screen is used without us realizing it. I thought it was a bit unnerving to watch. I realized that it's not just the stories on our fav TV shows that are fake, but even the backgrounds aren't real ...or at least, they are "doctored". But at the same time, it's some pretty brilliant work that these editors (in my books, "green screeners") can accomplish. What do you think? Quite insane, no?

{video from Stargate Studios}

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

leather jacket wearing weather

Ok so for the exception of delicious, warm today...leather jacket wearing weather is upon us again and this makes the end of summer much more bearable! Even in my currently larger state I can still sort of fit into my leather jacket, which makes me most happy, so I plan to rock this look for the rest of the fall. I however cannot wait for it to fit a little looser in just over a month :)

Here are some leather jacket looks I can't wait to rock when I'm without belly!

Sigh...Kate Moss...oh to look and dress like her...

This is a trendy looking Jennifer Anniston! I always love her style but it is usually less rocker...I'm liking this look on her!

I love it layered over a party frock!

Apparently Mary-Kate or Ashley or both are partial to their leather bomber jacket. I like this look on them better than the big, drapey, muumuus they usually wear. I'm never quite sure with the Olsen twins but sometimes they really have awesome clothes and sometimes it is just plain weird. But I continue to watch them because I am slightly obsessed with what they will come up with next!

Monday, September 20, 2010

cool eco-friendly rugs

Our fellow Bloomer, Lynn, pointed out these amazing rugs, call RAW, which she's been salivating over for years. They are rugs made from recycled carpet. The creators of this company, Union. Eighteen, a husband and wife couple who focus on creating sustainable art and interior products by reusing discarded source material, literally sift through pounds of waste and castoffs left behind from manufacturing processes, and combine them together to look ... well...oh so beautiful! I would love to have a custom created rug like this. Thanks for the tip, Lynn Bloomer.

{all pics from Union. Eighteen website}