Wednesday, September 29, 2010

shayna bloomer belly update: 8ish months

{3 months!}

{4 months!}

{5 months!}

{6 months!}

{7 months!}

{8 months!}

{8.5 months! I couldn't get to the gym to get my climbing shot for 2 weeks because the Gardiner kept being closed and I'm not good with sitting in traffic anymore due to lack of immediate access toilets!}

Wow how time flies and also creeps at a glacial rate! Can't believe I'm already at this point and can't believe he isn't coming out for another 5 weeks!! Seems like a lifetime of schlepping at this point. I guess the schlepping doesn't really stop after he comes out but at least you can put him down for a few minutes every once in awhile instead of carrying that load 24/7 in the most awkward part of the body for carrying something! I think babies should implant on the upper back...wouldn't that make more sense? You can't sleep on the back would greatly reduce lower back and pelvis pain and you wouldn't need to waddle! Although that would be quite a long journey down toward the birth canal I suppose!

Hopefully I'll be able to squeeze one more picture in although I have to say hopping up even one foot off the ground was a whole new experience for me...I've never felt gravity quite like that before! And getting down was even funnier...check out my favorite awkward shot that Melanie Bloomer took...this visualizes exactly how I feel!! Gives me a good laugh...especially seeing Lynn Bloomer giggling in the corner there!

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BradChristopher said...

Nice work! I'm impressed! You will be one fit mommy:)