Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy holidays!

Happy Holidays Bloomies! 2009 has been a wonderful year for inBloom Event Design and we are looking forward to an even busier and better 2010! Thanks so much for all of your support and for taking the time to read our blog and follow our events and adventures. We are signing off for the holidays for a bit of a break and will be back on Monday January 4th...Happy {belated} Chanukah, Merry Christmas, and have a wonderful New Year! See you again very soon...

The Bloomers

p.s. The image above is from the fabulously talented Bakerella...visit her blog for instructions on how to make these awesome Candy Cane Christmas Tree cuppies!

adventures of miss cuppie: the cupcake shoppe

After a brief hiatus, Miss Cuppie is back! Doing some Christmas shopping in the Yonge and Eglinton area yesterday, I decided to try out a cuppie at The Cupcake Shoppe, a cute little cupcakery with tons of deliciously decorated treats. Now I should let you know - yesterday was a sunny but frigid day in Toronto and in the morning I think the temps were around -20 degrees Celsius with the windchill. So with fingers too frozen to snap a pic of the storefront, I instead included a cute illustration from The Cupcake Shoppe's sweet website. I also nabbed a photo of their cuppies from their website is just so much better than a photo I could take with my point-and-shoot!

I ended up buying two Christmassy, candy cane-topped cuppies for my hubby P. and I which we scarfed down after dinner last night. And the verdict? The icing was so-so {kind of bland} but the cake part moist and delish! I also decided that Miss Cuppie is much more fun when #1, it's a touch warmer outside, and #2 you are taste testing with a buddy. Anyone want to join me next time around?

See Miss Cuppie's other adventures here and here!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

dexter holiday gift ideas

I know its a bit late for holiday shopping but for any Dexter fans out there {the best kind of scary there is!!} the Showtime Store is selling a whole bunch of weird Dexter stuff. Seriously, its really weird!

I do however love these Dexter blood splatter coasters. They are like giant blood slides! I would totally get these for myself for a Halloween party. But it would be better if they didn't have the word Dexter written across it. Kind of ruins the coolness.

And these funny Dexter cast Bobbleheads are pretty hilarious. I've never been one to collect a Bobblehead but I'm a bit intrigued!This 7" Dexter Action Figure is awesome! And it comes with its very own blood slide too.

These disturb me...I'm not sure its the kind of thing I'd want to be dressing my baby in. I think these should be discontinued. The Cereal Spiller is at least a clever play on words bu
t seriously...My Dad Can Hack Anything?! That isn't even clever!

Monday, December 21, 2009

man caves!

We Bloomies mustn't forget the mans in our lives, so this post is dedicated to some pretty cool man cave designs out there! You guys deserve a little space of your own that has no flowers, no matching linens or throw pillows and certainly no doilies. I can't wait until we can afford a house one day so we can have a man cave, a lady cave and a whole neutral zone for all to enjoy. For now, I think we did a pretty good job making our condo gender neutral {with the exception of my office where I may have put one or two flower paintings on the wall...oops!}

So this first photo is pretty spectacular! I think I would be a tad envious and would build a "hers" version that was an aerial silks studio. Can you imagine?!

Also not too shabby, they made use of the garage nicely - equal parts shop/bar/lounge! Only problem would be I don't think I could give up a garage because that would mean the car would be sitting outside collecting snow and that isn't cool. But if we lived in a warm climate I'd be willing to give up the garage space. Or if we had a 2 door garage I would spare half! This man cave can be found on this site.

These next two are nice man caves for the more artsy man. The ones who like design and decor but not so much flowers and doilies. I could love either of them myself! The top one was found on Apartment Therapy blog. And the orange retro one was found on The Selvedge Yard blog.

This one is truly a man CAVE!! Check it out...that is some kind of crazy!

Just so we are clear...this is a TERRIBLE Man Cave and it should never have happened! Oh my word!!

Does anyone have any Man Cave pictures they'd like to share?

Friday, December 18, 2009

shelf decor

I am fascinated by different peoples' shelves and how they decorate them. Shelves are a very funny thing to me. I feel that the objects have to be placed perfectly, with precision, in order to make it work; and yet, sometimes the weirdest combinations look really cool! Joelle Bloomer has quite a lot of nicely decorated shelves in her home - perhaps she'll treat you to a peak or two soon! But all in all, in my journeys, I do find that sometimes less is more when it comes to decorating shelves. Here are some shelves that I have collected along the way! What do you think? Send us pics of your shelves if you can!

{Pic 1 and 4... I think from either Domino, Country Living, or Martha!; Pic 2 & 5 from; Pic 3 from Marley and Lockyer; Pic 6 from Country Living Mag (I think!)}

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Shoes Off!

Shoes Off!
'Tis the season for holiday parties! And for fabulous party outfits that look really, really great with your new boots. But doesn't it always suck when you arrive at a party and you have to take your boots or shoes off? Your fab ensemble just isn't the same! Or worse - you have mismatched socks. Or even worse - a hole in the toe! I swear I will have a house one day with rugged hardwood floors throughout, fabulous parties and a 'Shoes On!' sign...they just look way cooler!

Many years ago I caught a short film on TV about this very predicament, and I happened to find it with Google! 'Shoes Off!' is only a 13 minute romantic comedy, but pretty cute {just ignore the annoying commercial at the beginning}. And how I identify with the girl in cool black boots who is reduced to awkward socks at a housewarming party! Any good solutions to this Bloomies?

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

part 3: a bloomin' vintage circus wedding

Yes, it might be the longest post ever! But you can never get too much of Shayna Bloomer's Vintage Circus Wedding. It's featured in Wedluxe magazine - go pick up a copy! {All pics by the fabulous Ikonica}

Sunday, December 13, 2009

part 1: a bloomin' vintage circus wedding

{all photos by Ikonica}

The time has FINALLY come, and the Bloomers are so incredibly excited to reveal...drumroll please...Shayna Bloomer's Vintage Circus Wedding! We have been waiting a whole 4 months, bursting at the seams, just waiting to release these amazing photos. And the reason for the wait? Because WedLuxe Magazine, one of Canada's must coveted luxury wedding magazines, decided to feature it in this Winter issue! The magazine is finally out on the stands today, so be sure to pick a copy up this week!

We hope you enjoy Shayna Bloomer's vintage wedding dress, which was found in Kensington market and made extra beautiful by good friend Rashmi Baird. Enjoy the old antique benches and chairs from the personal collection of our beloved mother, the late Dody "Original Bloomer" Segal (and also from some of Dody's friends, thank you!), who loved antiques and Victoria magazine, and who has inspired the Bloomers to be who we are today! The antique doilies you see on the tables also belonged to Dody Bloomer as well - we sewed them together into the table runners.

Also enjoy the pictures of Spyke, the sweetest, most patient dwarfed-dwarf pony, belonging to Wendy and Craig Jackson in Uxbridge. And the delicious, super fun circus foods were created by Empire Catering.

These amazing photos were taken by the fantastic photographers at Ikonica - thank you so much to Jackson, Jillian and Lisa at Ikonica - the team is so talented, so energetic and so spectacular!

And of course, all of the design concepts, the decor, graphics and florals were all created by yours truly, inBloom Event Design. We are so proud to have developed a wedding that was more of a party - a celebration truly reflecting the exuberant and creative personality of our partner, Shayna Bloomer. This is the way weddings should be done - completely and 100% you!

So, without further ado, my fellow Bloomers, we now present our very own Shayna and Dan's long-awaited circus wedding! Enjoy!!