Thursday, December 10, 2009

red and white flowers

And speaking of red and white, I was commissioned to make a red and white flower arrangement for the Bijouxbead reception in Cabbagetown on the weekend. Oh my, Darlene has some incredible necklaces there. You should check it out - it's on until the 14th! Bijouxbead's logo is red and white. Not the stark red, but a subtle and modern red. And so, I made an arrangement to match Darlene's style. I went for a simple but slightly chaotic spray of James Story orchids in a stark white vase. I loved the contrast in the end! They set it up on the jeweller's workbench at the show, and my friend Meredith pointed out that it actually looked cute against the baby blue wall behind it! Mental note for a wedding design...

I had a lot of little orchid clippings left over and I just hate throwing away pretty little flower clippings. So I quicky took them and made some mini little arrangements in my teensy pink Ikea vases for my bedroom. These ones have a more "pink and poppy" effect (well, the colour poppy anyway, but really they're just orchids!). Whatcha think?

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