Thursday, November 24, 2011

jewel's baby nursery

Ok, enough about my house already right?! Hee. So, I've been sitting on this picture for a while, wanting to share it with you. It's Jewel's new baby's nursery - and I think it's BEAUTIFUL. I love love love the wall with the painted re-claimed wood; and then how everything else around it is white and plain. Yummy! And pretty unpretentious for a celebrity if I do say so myself...I love Jewel.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

and the final details I love

Thanks to Jocelyn for catching the little details of my house - before we sell, I wanted a memory of the little things that made Project De-Suburbanization complete! I love these items and will miss them...but they will get a new life again I think! Here are some of my favourite things...{all photos by Jocelyn Fisher Photography}

My dinner menu chalkboard in my kitchen...

My one yellow mismatched hooky to hang our coats on (the others are all grey)

The vintage one way sign in the can defy that arrow, unlike at Ikea!

Remember my obsession with Hamman Towels? Finally found something similar at West Elm!

A prezzie from Shayna Bloomer - these aren't just Russian Dollies...they are measuring cups...and I lerve them.

My ode to my my mom - to commemorate her artistic spirit on her birthday in June, I spray painted this urn the yellow fleurs next to the blue. Oh! And it seems it's the only want to make my house look different than anyone else's on the street...yay!
Craigger's awesome creation - a play on the "Keep Calm Carry On" posters...this makes going to the bathroom really fun :)

Best friend Aliya found this little white piece at the garage sale - she's far away in Israel now, but it makes me think of her every time I look at it! 'Tis a cute piece.

And a loverly prezzie from Joelle Bloomer - this is in a white frame at the entrance, right beside my yellow door. I love love love it. Thanks Jojer Bloomie Face!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Melanie Bloomer's House is FOR SALE - PART 2, let us go upstairs!! favourite details!! By the way, there's an open house this weekend!
MLS information here: . And more hi res photos here:
{all pics by Jocelyn Fisher Photography)

Master Bedroom:


This hilarious sign is custom made by Craig - soon to be available on Etsy I hope!

Guest Bedroom - my fav room...


{all pics by Jocelyn Fisher Photography)

MLS Listing:

Hi Res Photos:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Melanie Bloomer's House is FOR SALE!

Project De-suburbanized Townhouse is complete, and it is FOR SALE! Do you know anyone looking in the Stouffville area? I put my heart and my soul into this house, and I hope it goes to someone who really appreciates the love in it, as well as the modern detailing with vintage accents, the openness, the spaciousness...and well, my graphite maple floors of course!! Here are some pics of my house - bottom floor first, the upstairs tomorrow (part 2) Do you like the finished product? Let me know your feedback! And please pass along to any friends and family who may be interested...{all pics by Jocelyn Fisher Photography)

MLS Listing:

Hi Res Photos:

Thursday, November 10, 2011

inspiration in san francisco: botanical rogues at the conservatory of flowers

Ok, I really really want to live in The Conservatory of Flowers! It was a) a beautiful building in the Golden Gate Park which b) is a beautiful park in itself and there was a drum circle on the front lawn and c) inside it was this crazy lush garden filling all corners, of all different species of plants and trees and exotic flowers from all over the worldl but also d) it all just looked so vintage and styled so cool in there PLUS e) there was an exhibit after a 'Bloomers heart...called Wicked Plants: Botanical Rogues and Assassins. All really pretty dainty plants, trees and flowers, displayed with the utmost vintage charm, but really, these beauties cause HARM, each in their own way, the little devils. It was such an interesting juxtaposition of concepts - seeing natural flowers so delicate and beautiful that are so dangerous. So here we go, I'm taking you through my pretty, styled journey of the Conservatory of Flowers...

Pretty building!

...and here starts the Wicked Plants Exhibits where I marveled at the design of the display... wormy brochure

Hee, be warned! I was actually nervous upon entering.

They had a vintage gramophone playing old crackly music too which was neat.

Okay! On to the scary mean fleurs...

Water delicate..they are the little green delicate plants covering the tops of the water, but poignantly labelled CARNIVORES ..they will not let anything up out of the water...they drown things! buggers!

I liked their wooden signage too...

Even the Rubbertree is dangerous...but I forget why now :( But hey, this is what a Rubbertree looks like.

Anyone remember the book White Oleander? I loved that book...

Yummy vintage birdcages your heart out Bloomers...

Sigh, it was so pretty and yummy in there.

BUT here were some pretties from the OTHER rooms in the Conservatory of Flowers too:

Rainforest lily pads - they are SERIOUS:

And, nerdy old me felt mesmerized by this shelf. Must be my artsy fartsy Mom Bloomer genes combined with my Scientist Dad Bloomer (with specimens in bottles) coming out of me in a form that makes sense finally!

Last but not least - a dahlia garden as you walk back outside...the colours reminded me of Amy and Kumbo's really cool wedding last September!