Tuesday, November 22, 2011

and the final details I love

Thanks to Jocelyn for catching the little details of my house - before we sell, I wanted a memory of the little things that made Project De-Suburbanization complete! I love these items and will miss them...but they will get a new life again I think! Here are some of my favourite things...{all photos by Jocelyn Fisher Photography}

My dinner menu chalkboard in my kitchen...

My one yellow mismatched hooky to hang our coats on (the others are all grey)

The vintage one way sign in the hallway...you can defy that arrow, unlike at Ikea!

Remember my obsession with Hamman Towels? Finally found something similar at West Elm!

A prezzie from Shayna Bloomer - these aren't just Russian Dollies...they are measuring cups...and I lerve them.

My ode to my my mom - to commemorate her artistic spirit on her birthday in June, I spray painted this urn blue...love the yellow fleurs next to the blue. Oh! And it seems it's the only want to make my house look different than anyone else's on the street...yay!
Craigger's awesome creation - a play on the "Keep Calm Carry On" posters...this makes going to the bathroom really fun :)

Best friend Aliya found this little white piece at the garage sale - she's far away in Israel now, but it makes me think of her every time I look at it! 'Tis a cute piece.

And a loverly prezzie from Joelle Bloomer - this is in a white frame at the entrance, right beside my yellow door. I love love love it. Thanks Jojer Bloomie Face!

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