Wednesday, November 9, 2011

inspiration in san francisco: nature does it best

Sorry Bloomers - I've been missing for so long! Lots going on on this end, plus I went away on a trippy to San Francisco. A bit of a soul searching adventure. Kind of like a mini Eat Pray Love...but more like Eat Walk Think? Anyway, if I do say so myself, San Francisco has the heart of a Bloomer at it. So. Much. Inspiration. A feast for the eyes, really. I thought I'd show you my top inspirations there.... here's number 1: The coast line! Enough to make your heart sing. Nature does it best!

Here is what you'll see when you drive from San Fran down the coast towards Big Sur:

Look! This is where the seals can see if you look really hard on the big rock.

This is in Big Sur...where we stopped to eat lunch...

And the restaurant, Nepenthe, had these cute lil pillows to sit and look at the view...the green ones made me happy...

And this is what you could see! WOW, eating lunch at looking at this...heaven :)

And then we found this secret, hidden beach called Pfeiffer Beach - and it was the most beautiful beach I have ever, EVER seen.

Proof that I really was there on the secret cousin Wendy who lives in San Fran also had never seen was amazing!

Tomorrow, San Fran Inspiration #2 - Conservatory of, best place ever, I want all my Bloomers to live there with me!


Joelle Segal said...

Oh my...I see what you mean...I kinda want to cry looking at these. Sooo beautiful! Why do we live here again? Why not there? I must, must, must go!!!

Anonymous said...

A very pretty picture, all around!