Friday, July 30, 2010

hide those wires - prettily!

A sneaky tipster also alerted me to a very cool blog, on which I found an article that is VERY relevant to me right now as I move into my new house! It's about ways to hide your ugly computer/tv/electronic wires; OR, at the least, make them prettier. Oh, I have fallen deeply in love with these leaf ties. And the birdy ties. How awesome! I am SO ordering these as soon as I'm done blogging. Actually wait no, I'm doing it right now because I can't wait! There. Ordered. Anyway, I wanna turn my wires into vines like these and I shall, you just wait and see. I love the round routers too, but can't figure out how to order them as the site is all in Japanese...hmph. Alas, Bloomers, you would not believe how happy all this cord-hiding makes me feel.

{pic 1 from via unpluggd; pic 2 from iida via unpluggd; pic 3 from PA Design via unpluggd; pic 4 is Shunsuke Umiyama's Midori AC Adaptor from iida via unpluggd}

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

papery details

Lately I've been noticing an awful lot of papery details making a big impact in event decor. My mom used to be the queen of making giant crepe paper flowers and helped pay her way through university by making them for store front displays! It seems like the 1960's paper flowers are making their way back but in a more modern a modern version of the bell bottom! These kinds of details make for a heck of a lot of DIY craft time but it sure would cut down on floral costs and it looks pretty marvy!

This "teal and yellow circus wedding" {AHEM!!!} found via Style Me Pretty has some yummy paper features including an entire bouquet!

Oh my word the gorgeousness! LOVE LOVE LOVE this design! Found via Green Wedding Shoes

These are fakes! I think in this case it might have been cheaper to buy the real flowers!!! Found via Kenzie Kate

Really like the look of this table! Combined with simple florals it gives a really interesting look...would be perfect for a baby shower or bridal shower. Found via Ritzy Bee

I think I posted this once before but these vellum paper mobiles are a simple and modern visual that would be great for a casual get together! Found via Coco + Kelley

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

ryan + tahlia: a super awesome barn wedding

you can't tell from this pic, but the wine was propped on birch disks. might be one of my fav parts of the wedding design!

Carrie Underwood, no?

... using a white mailbox for the "incoming mail"!

table numbers made out of pieces of birch wood! weakness

the bridesmaids looked lovely, especially against all the green lush foliage outside the barn

the groom and groomsmen all wore these cute bowties!

Ryan's mom found these cute candles as the personal favours. Note the placecards, written on river stones.

the guest book was two wooden oars that guests signed!

Last weekend, the Bloomers were back at Massey Barn to set up another wedding, this one with a totally different theme than Candice's also-beautiful wedding! Ryan and Tahlia are both creative and really uber-thoughtful people, with a strong penchant for nature and the woods! But Tahlia also wanted a bit of modern-ness stuck in there as well! So, with that, the handsome groom and the gorgeous bride (who bore a STRONG resemblance to Carrie Underwood, might I add) entrusted the Bloomers to create an atmosphere fitting to both their personalities. Ryan, an artist /carpenter/biologist (um, yah!), made the table signage himself by finding pieces of birch in the forest. He also built the lovely canopy for their ceremony, which I will post pictures of shortly, when we get them from the photographer. To boot, the two of them stuck to their "natural" guns and insisted the ceremony be held outside even though it was raining! And I have to say...there was something so cozy, so lovely and so touching about watching them get married under the birch canopy amidst the light, misty rain. The bridesmaids green dresses and the groomsmen's matching bowties just popped against the lush willow trees in the background. Breathtaking! Congratulations guys.
{All of these awesome photos taken by Craig Morrison.}

Monday, July 26, 2010

best bride reaction!

After Candice + Toomas's barn wedding that took place a couple of weekends ago, we were looking through our shots and found these awesome photos that M. Bloom captured of the bride's reaction when she first stepped into the barn to take a look. Nothing says it better than a picture...we are so thrilled that she was so thrilled and we wanted to share!

AND to top it off, look what showed up at our door this weekend as the best thank you gifty ever!!! CUPPIES!! Future bride's take note...just kidding...sorta...

By the way, if you haven't gotten enough of this gorgeous wedding, you can check out their adorable wedding video here!

Candice + Toomas ⎜ Jewish Wedding ⎜ Massey Barn from Goody Cambay on Vimeo.

Friday, July 23, 2010

sage bloomer's photo shoot!

This week Baby Sage Bloomer had her first photo shoot with incredibly talented photographer Kelly Gemmell of Kelly Gemmell Photography. Apparently she was a bit of a diva model but she obviously has some posing talent so guess it comes with the territory! You can get a closer peek at these shots captured by clicking here. Oh how these make me squeal with delight!!!

Happy Weekend Everyone!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

fancy shoes that dance all night?!

Check out these lovelies! Repetto, a dance shoe company from Paris, makes the most gorgeous shoes ever and I just bet they are comfy comfy too! What a great option for some wedding feets! Right now my pregger tootsies seem to find themselves in a daily pair of sexy Birkenstocks. I have a special gold pair that are my "fancy shoes". I wanna wear these instead!!!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

our potential future nusery

So now that the home office office "upgrade" has happened and I've allowed myself to enjoy it for 2 weeks, I have gotten anxious to begin the nursery room project. Honestly I don't know what I'll do when that is all done because that leaves me with no more home decor projects! However I suppose I'll be busy with our new little project which won't leave much time for home decor anyways!

Sooo...this is what we've come up with so far!

The inspiration is a combination of these two pictures I posted awhile ago. We have a yellow couch already in that room that we want to keep. The rest of the decor will be light blue, red and white.

This is the paint colour we like. It is Pottery Barn Kids Benjamin Moore line in the colour Harbour Fog.

This the furniture I think we are going to get. Cheapy cheap from IKEA but we totally love the modern, simple lines! Score!

I really like this red circle rug...looks like a cuddly play space on a hardwood floor.

For the wall, I bought these three Alef Betty prints from and I will hang them above the yellow couch. And you do know how much we love our sock monkeys so I'm framing some pictures of these sock monkey portraits that I have from my Arne Svenson & Ron Warren Sock Monkey Calendar and putting them up over the crib!