Friday, July 2, 2010

maternity style inspiration: gisele bundchen

So even before I was pregnant I had decided that whenever I was preggers, I was definitely going to emulate Gisele's maternity style - she just kept dressing like she did before - all rock star and cool with her black leather, vintage tee's and her scarves. So emulate her I tried, but although I spent my entire life as a waify pip-squeak with little toothpick legs, the big shocker came when my legs took on a life of their own and all of a sudden I have these thighs and a butt I never imagined I could have! This look just isn't as easy as it seemed!!

How on earth did she not gain weight anywhere other than her belly?? Hmph...guess that is why she is one of the world's best supermodels...pregnancy can't even mess with her figure!! Good grief...

{On the plus side (ha ha get it?!) I am very much enjoying my new shape so it's been a different kind of fun dressing up curves I never thought I'd have and to finally feel what it is like to properly fill clothes out including bras!}

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