Tuesday, June 29, 2010

shayna bloomer belly update: 5ish months

{3 months!}

{4 months!}

{5 months!}

It's been awhile since I've last updated my own baby bloomer bump! I'm just over 5 months with a baby BOY bloomer who has learned to happily kick and somersault inside me all day long! Yup...he's been brought up in the circus since the day he was conceived so I guess it's fitting! The silks are getting harder and harder to climb each time but I'm still able to get up there even if I have to huff and puff and grunt and groan! We'll see how long this lasts...I thought it would be the upper body strength that gave out but I didn't anticipate the belly getting in the way of lifting my knees!! But all is well and we are very excited to meet this little man and are thrilled that we get to meet J Bloom's little lady any day now! Fun times!

Monday, June 28, 2010

um...can i try some of this smart water?

um ... can a plastic surgeon really be accountable for these abs? or is jennifer just THAT good?!

... maybe the plastic surgeon really IS that good?! or the photoshop artist? whatever or whoever is responsible, wow.

...an older ad that i like...the hair! oh the hair.

So, these smartwater ads are all over the city, and well, um, if this smartwater can make you look like THAT at 40 years old, then please someone sign me up! I mean, what's wrong with you Brad Pitt?!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

baby bloomer bump update: 9 months {almost there}

Well I'm a week late with this update, but here it is! My last Baby Bloomer bump photo...well at least let's hope that it's the last one, and that the final photo has a baby in it! Things are getting pretty tight and heavy, my feet have swollen to elephant proportions and I'm getting a bit tired of strangers asking if there are twins in there. Nope! Just a really large baby girl. For those of you who don't know me, I'm a pretty tiny person - so I'm not sure how I cooked this baby so big! The doctor thinks she will be at least 8 or 9 pounds. But I am just happy she is doing well and she continues to entertain me with her squirming and by poking out her little elbows, knees and feeties.

The Baby Bloomer {also known as Peanut and Lil Miss Pixie} is almost here! Can't wait to meet her! Can't wait to into introduce her to you!

Friday, June 25, 2010

all gussied up for g20!

Toronto certainly pulled out all the stops prettying up the streets for their world wide debut! Nothing screams out "Come Visit T.O.!!" like plywood shopfronts! I especially like the taped garbage and recycling bags to all the poles along the streets. Not sure who thought there would be throngs of people carrying an excess of garbage. Must be for the world leaders. Actually feels pretty ghosty out there...kinda cool...but kinda eerie. Like it can't decide if something big is about to happen or if this is just it! I hope this is just it.

Thursday, June 24, 2010

purdy picnics

When shopping at the Superstore last week I noticed these adorable portable BBQ's by PC Home. I want one, I want one!! They made me want a picnic really badly...just a fun picnic party with a few people...or just me! So here are some other cute ideas to make a picnic a little more enticing than just a paper bag and a blanket...not that there is anything wrong with a paper bag and a blanket!

Leave it to Martha to be the mecca of picnic craft ideas! She even makes a paper plate dessert tower! And believe it or not you can also fashion a picnic basket out of a dishcloth. Oh Martha...

These sandwich papers are so adorable! I want to eat a sandwich like this everyday. Perhaps I'll find a way to wrap other foods in such papers...you could wrap a banana for your work lunch, your water bottle...the possibilities are endless! Found via The Sweetest Occasion.

Crafty fabric oilcloth placemats add nice patterns and colours. Found via Craftzine.com.

I like this colourful set-up that is kinda like a mini event! No space is too small to decorate...and why shouldn't you have your own personal string of lights or lanterns! Found via The Party Dress.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

i would want this wedding

This wedding is gorgeous. GORGEOUS. If I had a wedding, I would want it to be like this. I want the bride's hair...I want it right now actually. I want her bridesmaids' bouquet as my own (hers looks a little too octopus-y for me, I like the roughly tied ranunculus better). And I want her centerpieces.
{all pics from Feather Love. Thanks for the tip, Em!}

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

summer hair-dids!

It's officially summer!! Time to pull out all the cutsie braids and wavy summer beach hair! Tis a very exciting time for us ladies! Here are some hair-dids that I'm fancying about now...too bad I only know how to use a straightner!

{apparently the fishbraid is back! forgot about those...}

{still liking the braids...glad they are back this season}

{some options for night outings...}

{i like this scarf braid in the hermes ad! but to make it look this good you need to always be lying on a pile of coordinated fabric and pillows!}