Wednesday, June 2, 2010

home office downgrade time

So now that I've gone and got myself all preggers, it looks like I'll have to be moving my entire home office to one tiny corner of our bedroom to make room for the new Baby Bloomer. At least it will be a corner office by the window!! I have calculated that I have a giant workspace of 6'x6' to work with! Home office challenge or what?? Basically I've got to find a place for an IKEA Expedite worth of books, boxes and magazines; a filing cabinet, a desk and printer/scanner. Hmmm....

This is what our bedroom looks like now. The corner by the window will be my new corner office by the window! Melanie Bloomer will be taking the white couch to her new home {woot woot!} and my favorite vintage green armchair, that was my parent's first piece of furniture they ever bought, will move to the couch location.

I already have a version of this adorable little desk from West Elm:

I will have to buy a larger horizontal filing cabinet as the silly little filing cabinet I bought years ago was definitely not made for a married couple worth of stuff plus a business!! This would be what the filing cabinet would look like but I'm thinking of choosing the charcoal colour swatch below since they don't have a white that would match the desk and I think it would look dirty if I chose the closest thing to the white. Although this putty colour might be enough of a difference to scream "I'm not supposed to be white!" so I could consider it. But the charcoal would match our headboard and side tables so it would make sense too...not sure what to do here!

I'm thinking that in lieu of the IKEA Expedite, I could get 2 of these wall-mounted bookshelves from West Elm {but in white} to hang over the desk and over the filing cabinet which will be right next to my desk. Then I can put the printer/scanner on top of the filing cabinet and voila...I just fit an entire office of practicality in a tiny space and I think it will still look good!

I really had my heart set on hanging these adorable clip-boards, that I posted awhile, above my desk . But I think in my 6'x6' space of practicality I might have to give it up until we get a bigger house...sigh...

But maybe I could still find a little location for something like this...just to add a little bit of character! I really really do need character in my office's where I create!

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