Thursday, June 10, 2010

david met nicole: "british style"

Look at this neat shop called David Met Nicole in Australia which sells new and vintage furniture, lighting, home decor etc (thanks for the tip, Jen!). I would totally want to buy some of these refurbished vintage items for my new house to mix up with some modern elements. If only I lived in Sydney! I didn't realize until reading this website, but apparently the mixing of pieces from different cultures and time periods has become known as "British Style." So, now you know! Just in case you're ever in a conversation, sipping tea, forging a British accent, and are aiming to sound like a connaisseur of style. Muhahahah!
I am so drawn to these letters. They are from a 1930s Petrol Station.

This 1960s Brillie clock would be PERFECT in our kitchen, the bright yellow and all.

Fashioned from a 1930s British military surveying tripod, and a 1950s crane work lamp, I think this piece is amazing, and would look awesome in a living room by a modern couch.

Love these industrial wire cage lamps. Very cool over a dining room table!

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