Tuesday, June 8, 2010

small backyard patios

i might be in love this modern lil patio.

this would be easier though and totally cool...like the stripes.

this one is probably the exact size we have to work with. I like the circular brick pattern. It's also kind of the colour of our house bricks actually - and I also wanted to make a purple garden since it looks so nice against the orange! this might be the one!

functional...barbecue yum...yellow is fun...

if we make a wooden deck, this would be perfect. i like the idea of a lil canopy...

cool view eh? this is probably a bit too fancy, but it IS a neat little space. I like the patio stones.

ahhh, pretty comfort. this would definitely match craigger and i.

i wish!! love the bricks, and the table top garden. alot. i might have to make a tabletop garden.

...hmmm, very impractical, but had to throw it in there because it's so darn purty.

Our new house is THREE weeks away. Oh my gosh. We haven't even started packing yet. Must start doing that tonight. But first, priorities, geez louise ... I had to start thinking of ideas for our backyard patio. We have a teeny weeny little patio area (currently a mud pile which i sunk deep into last week during our inspection), but it's VERY important that we do something with it. Craigger and I are both country kids where patios are 100% necessity. Seating is required. So is a table to eat at. And most definitely a spot for a barbecue, as I might throw up if I have one more oven-cooked meal (even though you are an amazing chef, Craigger). Oh, and most importantly, this little patio has to look VERY pleasing to my eyeballs. So, in my searches for inspiration, I stumbled upon the best online magazine called Sunset from California with the best patio inspirations. Looky here! What ones do you lurve?
{all pics from Sunset except for the last which is from Country Living}

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