Monday, June 14, 2010

j bloomer's polka dotted baby shower!

the entrance:

the tables in the solarium:

the lemonade stand in our kitchen:

ice cream cone cuppies like our mom used to make for us! we made them all by ourselves :)

j bloomer made this doily garland! cuteness!

Happy Baby Shower yesterday, J Bloom! The sun smiled down on us in the end, and everyone had a grand ol' time! The shock on our guests' faces as they entered our Dad Bloomer's house and saw the sheer size of J's perfect basketball belly was priceless. We should have snapped their expressions at the door with the camera. But alas, the Bloomers were too busy working EXTRA hard on making the purty and fun and yummy as possible with a polka dot theme, a special lemonade stand, and delicious 'sserts. We used blue, yellow and pink as our colour palette. Check out the results! We were very very very happy with it (and possibly overdosed on sweet icing from our ice cream cone cupcakes), what do you think?!
{all pics from Joelle + Melanie Segal}


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful! You ladies have jazzed up yet another fabulous looking event. So many great ideas!

Meredith said...

Bloomers, where did you get the big jar for lemonade? I have to do a lemonade buffet for a baby shower in two weeks and love what you've done!

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Joelle got it from Pier 1 Imports but the spout was leaky so we returned it after. The girl said you just needed to tighten it from the inside before you added the lemonade so if you buy it make sure you tighten the spout really well!!!