Monday, January 31, 2011

doily lamps?! yes, i think so.

Vintage doily lamps? Yes, yes yes!! Thank you cousin Julia for showing this to me. I wonder if I could attempt to make one myself... {from Blue Moss Girls via Remade USA}

Thursday, January 27, 2011

melanie bloomer's house: the dining room + kitchen

Voila, my dining room! The main focal point of the kitchen is my bright yellow pendant lamp from Barn Light Electric. The big mirror is from Ikea, and my blinds (which I LOVE) are those neat UK blinds I posted a while ago, brought in from Patti-Lynn Interior (in Stouffville). I also painted some old antique chairs from my dad's basement white, to give a mismatched look...I have since added two VERY modern Crate and Barrel chairs to add an extra modern element...I will post the whole ensemble one day soon!

I like the bright yellow chair (which we painted for Shayna's circus wedding!) in the corner holding my planties (well, my friends' planties who all moved overseas and need to put their plants up for adoption)..

...and on the other side of the kitchen, where you are SUPPOSED to put a little dining room table, I put a GIANT Ikea Expedite shelf to hold all the little kitchen-y things that take up too much cupboard space. This includes our dishes. I REALLY like displaying dishware and glassware on open shelves. It looks cozy to me. Plus, it opened up a WHOLE ENTIRE cupboard to store more snackies! Yummy.

We also put our onions on the shelf...who knew onions could be so pretty?! Because they are exposed to light though, they sometimes grow baby green onions out of themselves, which actually grosses me out. I'm thinking of sewing a burlap bag for my onions and potatoes instead, because well...burlap is pretty too! But for now, just have to use 'em up quickly.

My fake apple collection found a home here as well. There used to be 5 of them, but Craigger's friends accidentally ate two of them!

...and our dishes, which was a Christmas prezzie last year from Craigger's sweet mom. They really matched the look!

Et, c'est ca!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

made some pie pops!

My Craigger found this awesome link on Luxirare about pie pops ... which are basically pie lollipops! So cool...and total eye candy. So, on the weekend we tried making our own! It was our brother-in-law Petie's birthday a few weeks ago, and since he loves pie SOOOO much, we thought we'd make them for a b-day prezzie. Mine aren't quite as beautifully packaged as the blog's, but hey, it seemed to work out. Yumzilla?

The original inspiration from Luxirare:

...and mine and craigger's blueberry pie pops! what do you think?

{our pie pops photographed by Craig Morrison}

Thursday, January 20, 2011

mister noam's sock monkey bebe shower

On Sunday, the Bloomers made Mister Noam and Mommy a wee little baby shower...and since he is THE living sock monkey, guess what theme we chose? Sock Monkeys! With a bit of woolly burlap warm fuzzy details and some argyle. Oh, and some ties. And mustaches! Eclectic, yes, but that's who Shayna Bloomer really is! Check out the likey? {photos by Katie Sutton}

used spools of fuzzy wool for my flower arrangements, set on argyle table runners!

and wee little spools of thread as vases too...with our signature mason jars of course.

and Lynn Bloomer made this EXCELLENT tie display!! Hand-made ties to match...can't beat that!!

and my excellently talented grandma made these chocolate brownie cookie mustaches! we loved this concept from the adorable "little man party" that you can find over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar blog. our little cousin natalie had a LOT of fun making the faces!

since it was at our Dad Bloomer's house, we covered the pool table with burlap and argyle fabric to hold the prezzies...they were all pre-opened and we put cards with guests' names by each prezzie .... so everyone could see what people bought and therefore eradicated the dreaded present opening circle!

and OF COURSE, sock monkeys galore. All belonging to our families! Here's Blimey. Lynn Bloomer made each of the monkeys their own personal party hats AND mini ties. So cute!

Sylvia let loose and became wild on the chandelier!

Mikey did too! Note his personal tie and party hat too...made by Lynn Bloomer!

And George...the man sock monkey. We were scared of leaving him alone with Sylvia overnight!

and Joelle made these tasterrific sock monkey cuppies!


AND sock monkey sock cozies for the mugs...made also by Lynn Bloomer (she's talented!)...and a few by Melanie Bloomer too

they were so fun drink out of!

Jack and Jippy each get a hat...and get to sit next to the woolly flower arrangements!

more monkey hats!!

The Hebrew sock monkeys Kafifa and Pitzy Kafifa with their hats too...hee teeny tiny...

and a nom nom good buffet..with mini bananers!

...and chocolate monkey smoothies! chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothies...made by Lynn Bloomer's daughter Katie (up and coming Bloomer)!

close up of the ties again...

i want more mustache cookies

and Lil Jim and PipSqueak with their mini banana and party harts!

all photos by Katie Bloomer! Great photos, Katie!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

cute little campers

So a few years ago, Joelle Bloomer blogged about this cute little shasta trailer lemonade stand. And since then I've been obsessed! I keep telling Craigger we should buy a little one, fix it up, and park it somewhere in Toronto, so we have a little apartment in the city! He thinks I'm nuts. But look what I found!! Turns out there's a Spanish company who specializes in making purty little caravans. How perfect would this be!! {via TheDesignerPad}

Thursday, January 13, 2011

sagey ballerina + sagey kimono

I am surrounded by the cutest little munchkins EVER now. Which makes life so much more fun. And makes Christmas-time more fun too...not only because these little peepers try to eat the wrapping paper and it makes me laugh, but because I also get to buy them cute little outfits! This year Shayna Bloomer and I were on the same page and bought fashionable items for Sage, our little supermodel. Now check out the fashion shoot...she sure knows how to work the camera doesn't she!! {photography by Joelle Segal}

Sagey Ballerina:

Sagey Kimono: