Tuesday, January 4, 2011

melanie bloomer's house, part 1

Happy New Year Bloomies! I hope you had a terrific holiday! We are back, and I thought I'd start off by showing you my new house. Even though I was a bit holed up after my surgery and unable to move around much, we managed to get the bottom floor of my house decorated in some sort of fashion that I'm very happy with! It's not entirely done yet...still need to put the trims back on, and some pics on the wall, and get my piano, but I am SO lovin' the house now and can rest my decorating bones for a while now. Thank you to Craiggers, Lynn Bloomer and Ryan Holm (the mastermind behind my floors AND who also helped big time with the stairs) for helping to lug furniture, move things around, and make my house feel purty, when all I could do was sit on the couch and give my opinions!

part 1: melanie bloomer's living room:

Our hardwood floors are the loft grade from Kultur - they were put down by Ryan Holm (thank you, thank you, thank you!) and also my Craigger. I am SO happy with the floors that I kinda want to lick them. Yes, I know that's weird. Chandelier from Home Depot!

Our coffee table is an old one that my grandad made...which all of us Bloomers trucked around to university with us! It needed a serious upgrade (before and after pics shortly), so Craigger shortened the legs to make it look more modern, we stained the wood black, and I painted the inside tiles with chalkboard paint for doodles and checkers...and x's and o's of course...

couch cushion from Bouclair Home...and birch disks as my coaster!

and, of course, i had to write it on with chalk so people know what the birch disks are for. Oh man, I had to grout the tiles of this table myself and let me tell you...not fun! No more grouting for me.

I drew a checker board on the coffee table in chalk, and used Dollar Store stones as my checkers!

view from across from the couch...mounted flat screen tv hung by craigger...

Couch from Urban Barn, birch poles from Loblaws, lamp from Ikea,

the broader view...you can see a glimpse of our yellow door, how it factors in to the design!

and...sitting on the couch, a sneak peak at our NEW STAIRS. Which I will be featuring tomorrow!! Done solely by Craig and his awesome friend Ryan Holm.

But finally, the before and after...from the 3rd week we moved in until now. Does it now look a little less suburban?

Stay tuned for the other parts of my house!


Megs said...

lerrrrv the birch touches. :)

Mrs Erg├╝l said...

Love love love the coffee table with the chalkboard pain!!!