Thursday, January 20, 2011

mister noam's sock monkey bebe shower

On Sunday, the Bloomers made Mister Noam and Mommy a wee little baby shower...and since he is THE living sock monkey, guess what theme we chose? Sock Monkeys! With a bit of woolly burlap warm fuzzy details and some argyle. Oh, and some ties. And mustaches! Eclectic, yes, but that's who Shayna Bloomer really is! Check out the likey? {photos by Katie Sutton}

used spools of fuzzy wool for my flower arrangements, set on argyle table runners!

and wee little spools of thread as vases too...with our signature mason jars of course.

and Lynn Bloomer made this EXCELLENT tie display!! Hand-made ties to match...can't beat that!!

and my excellently talented grandma made these chocolate brownie cookie mustaches! we loved this concept from the adorable "little man party" that you can find over at I Am Momma - Hear Me Roar blog. our little cousin natalie had a LOT of fun making the faces!

since it was at our Dad Bloomer's house, we covered the pool table with burlap and argyle fabric to hold the prezzies...they were all pre-opened and we put cards with guests' names by each prezzie .... so everyone could see what people bought and therefore eradicated the dreaded present opening circle!

and OF COURSE, sock monkeys galore. All belonging to our families! Here's Blimey. Lynn Bloomer made each of the monkeys their own personal party hats AND mini ties. So cute!

Sylvia let loose and became wild on the chandelier!

Mikey did too! Note his personal tie and party hat too...made by Lynn Bloomer!

And George...the man sock monkey. We were scared of leaving him alone with Sylvia overnight!

and Joelle made these tasterrific sock monkey cuppies!


AND sock monkey sock cozies for the mugs...made also by Lynn Bloomer (she's talented!)...and a few by Melanie Bloomer too

they were so fun drink out of!

Jack and Jippy each get a hat...and get to sit next to the woolly flower arrangements!

more monkey hats!!

The Hebrew sock monkeys Kafifa and Pitzy Kafifa with their hats too...hee teeny tiny...

and a nom nom good buffet..with mini bananers!

...and chocolate monkey smoothies! chocolate, peanut butter and banana smoothies...made by Lynn Bloomer's daughter Katie (up and coming Bloomer)!

close up of the ties again...

i want more mustache cookies

and Lil Jim and PipSqueak with their mini banana and party harts!

all photos by Katie Bloomer! Great photos, Katie!

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