Thursday, January 27, 2011

melanie bloomer's house: the dining room + kitchen

Voila, my dining room! The main focal point of the kitchen is my bright yellow pendant lamp from Barn Light Electric. The big mirror is from Ikea, and my blinds (which I LOVE) are those neat UK blinds I posted a while ago, brought in from Patti-Lynn Interior (in Stouffville). I also painted some old antique chairs from my dad's basement white, to give a mismatched look...I have since added two VERY modern Crate and Barrel chairs to add an extra modern element...I will post the whole ensemble one day soon!

I like the bright yellow chair (which we painted for Shayna's circus wedding!) in the corner holding my planties (well, my friends' planties who all moved overseas and need to put their plants up for adoption)..

...and on the other side of the kitchen, where you are SUPPOSED to put a little dining room table, I put a GIANT Ikea Expedite shelf to hold all the little kitchen-y things that take up too much cupboard space. This includes our dishes. I REALLY like displaying dishware and glassware on open shelves. It looks cozy to me. Plus, it opened up a WHOLE ENTIRE cupboard to store more snackies! Yummy.

We also put our onions on the shelf...who knew onions could be so pretty?! Because they are exposed to light though, they sometimes grow baby green onions out of themselves, which actually grosses me out. I'm thinking of sewing a burlap bag for my onions and potatoes instead, because well...burlap is pretty too! But for now, just have to use 'em up quickly.

My fake apple collection found a home here as well. There used to be 5 of them, but Craigger's friends accidentally ate two of them!

...and our dishes, which was a Christmas prezzie last year from Craigger's sweet mom. They really matched the look!

Et, c'est ca!


Mrs Erg├╝l said...

I love the bits of yellow here and there! And the white chairs to go with the dining table! And that IKEA shelve! I love everything on it!!! You make me feel like moving out into a bigger space! I have always wanted to know if it is Singapore that makes things collect dust faster than I can clean?? Do you have to dust your IKEA shelves and the decor often?

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Thanks Mrs. Ergul! Hm, I do get some dust on my IKEA shelves...not an insane amount, but after a few weeks it definitely needs a dusting. When I lived in the apartment, I felt like I needed to dust every day though! Are you living in an apartment/condo or house?

house for sale Philippines said...

What a great space. So casual and relaxed! It looks so inviting and comfortable.

Deirdre G