Thursday, September 9, 2010

a blinds dilemma

I'm having a blinds / curtains dilemma. Our new house has so many lovely big windows in it, but since it's so close to the street and our neighbours...well, we basically have to slink our way across the floor - a la Mission Impossible style - in order to not be seen at night. I DID buy temporary Canadian Tire blinds on Day 2 of living here ... but clearly aren't cutting it for me. So what to do, what to do? I have always grown up with curtains in my houses, so I was thinking of a serious change to blinds! I don't know why but I've been leaning towards roller blinds...I want something very natural, but that looks airy, comfortable and loose too...not too formal like normal wood blinds. Thoughts?
i love the texture but simplicity of these roller blinds, and the little drop shape pull cord it comes with!
a nice papery texture could be cool...look at this cool little pull cord too.

...but also simple charcoal-y linen type of fabric would really be neat, especially with the charcoal-on-charcoal colour scheme to come...{pic 1,2,3 above from New Textile House}

these natural Roman Blinds are gorgeous though! {from french general}

i don't love this green pattern per se, but it could be fun to get a really funky cool colourful set of blinds in one room....maybe something in a bright orangey yellow! I think I might actually do this as a project this winter. Look, Apartment Therapy tells you how to make your own roller blinds here!!

... so the other night i was watching Macgruber with Craig (ahhh not sure if I really loved that movie), and in Vicky's house, she had the coolest blinds. I found out they are called Honeycomb blinds ... they open at the top. Kinda like these (the middle one) from Smith and Noble. I really like this look!


shay said...

you can get any fabric from tonic living made into blinds/curtains. i just did it for the baby room...she gives you different types of blinds/curtains to choose from. i'm pretty sure she had roman blinds as one option.

Katie G. said...

making new fabulous blinds out of crappy old blinds with just a little glue is genius- I'm totally going to do it. Scrap trying to master the sewing maching and venetian blind patterns! you bloomers are so creative! my bare windows will love you.

Katie G. said...

ooo, I'll totally check that out too!! love their fabric. though I did find a how-to video on-line for roman blinds that made it look pretty darn easy:)

Katie G. said...

ooo, I'll check that out too! love the fabrics they have! Thought I did find this how-to video on-line for roman blinds that made it look pretty darn easy to make!