Wednesday, September 15, 2010


I fell in love with this Australian design company called Bholu a while back. I really wanted to use some of their wallpaper for the nursery but in the end it was a bit out of my budget plus we changed our whole colour scheme and it didn't match anymore. But I wanted to to share it with everyone as it is truly an amazing company. All the designs come from drawings of underprivileged children between the ages 3 -7 years who are living in slum communities. Owner, Jodie Fried, goes into the slums with fresh food and water for the children and gives them a chance to create, have fun and be children. These adorable designs are the outcome of such sessions:

I love the series of wallpaper they have. The Mavis Monkey wallpaper was what I wanted in the nursery...I just love those monkeys! Marjorie the duck and Frederick the Elephant are pretty freaking awesome too!

You can also get the same creatures in rug is Mavis Monkey again {oh Mavis!} and Quintin the Giraffe.

And here are just a few examples of the creatures you can buy just because - Abraham the Dinosaur and Ignatius Critter. Awwww....

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Woah Melly said...

i adore the monkey wallpaper!!