Tuesday, September 14, 2010

repurposed vintage suitcases

Over time I realize I collected a lot of pictures for repurposed vintage suitcases. Guess it started with the circus wedding and continued on into plans for my house. As part of my wedding shower gift I was given this gorgeous baby blue vintage suitcase that currently is sitting at my Dad's house just waiting to be craftily used...

I love both of these...I don't have enough room at the foot of my bed otherwise I would totally love a suitcase trunk on teal legs! And this little side table is so cute on its blue stand! One day I'll have one of these for sure. Top pic found via create.love.grow blog and the second pic found via Journal of Modern Craft.

If I had a pet I would totally do this...but I don't...and I probably won't. Found via The Stir.

Another side table of cuteness. Paired with a fan increases the adorableness by three...not sure of the muffin picture though...but if it were an actual cupcake perched there for the taking it would be my heaven. Found somewhere on via Daisy Pink Cupcake

Medicine cabinet suitcase! Found via Poetic Home.

Another medicine cabinet suitcase...I like the pully-outy mirror! And why not make it a booze cabinet? both found via Davison Creators.


Woah Melly said...

these are so neat!! i kinda want to make one of these for you with your blue suitcase!

dovetail jig reviews said...

I've never seen this type of old suitcase recycling and I think it is cool and nice.

TGLDirect said...

I like the medicine cabinet one. We get vintage suitcases in stock all of the time, perfect for repurposing.