Friday, January 27, 2012

this isn't Feist - but I like her messy hairs!

It said on MSN today that Feist did a pretty awesome cover of Guns N Roses' "November Rain," (remember slow dancing to that song?!), but this really doesn't look like her! I am pretty sure it's not...however, I do think it's a cool picture. I like this girl's messy hairs! There's a secret rock star in my somewhere...

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lynn Bloomer's Budget Basement Makeover

Talk about a really great makeover, on a budget! Look at the Before and Afters of Lynn Bloomer's basement. I love the grey and white tones...they were perfect to calm it down. Not to mention the white painted fireplace...much much better. And the sofas? These aren't even new sofas! They are slipcovers. Yummy. For the wallet and soul alike. Great job Lynn!

Paint out the brick on your fireplace? At first I was uncertain, but now I say YES!

Much calmer and much cozier now...

Love the grey painted out walls...and the large open windows...note the large wardrobe she also painted out white. Oh,and I also want to look through that telescope!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

window coverings for big bay windows!

There's a recurring problem out there in the world, and it has to do with big or bay windows! Are there any cool window covering options for big bay windows - an option that isn't curtains or shutters? The options are limited as far as I can see, I must say. I would say my favorite option are Roman blinds designed specifically for them (and using two side by side if a really wide window), but there may be some more unique and cost effective alternatives out there which I also like too! Here are some window inspirations I found...

I thought this roller blind was super cute, especially with the rope tie. Could potentially make this yourself! Just get some cool fabric from Tonic Living or something!

This would take some time but I LOVE the mismatch, vintage appeal (Remodelista):

I like this light linen / gauze type of material...blocks it enough without being too heavy (HouseBeautiful)...

same kind from House Beautiful:

I think these are the same cheapy Walmarty blinds I used on my guest bedroom (pic from BlissBulb) - introduced to me by Lynn Bloomer. Super cheap and really not bad to look at at all (here are the ones from my guest room)!

This is a smaller window, but I like the halfsies of it! And I loving this whole new tea towel trend (Remodelista):

More tea towels sewn together...pretty casual and vintage-y (Remodelista):

So, if you're gonna do shutters, maybe black would be cool? Painting out the trims black too? May give it a whole different funky look.

Cute, dainty, pretty lil do-it-yourself option (remodelista)...

These look expensive...but I like the teal blue and like the halfsies again! Quite a statement (Blindsaver).

Don't mind these graphic curtains...makes a statement (Apartment Therapy):

Or we could just leave those effers open! If you face a private forest of course (I want the zig zag rug)...
{pic from Remodelista}

Monday, January 16, 2012

sage's bday featured on 'oh dee doh'!

Holla Bloomers! Ok, back. Back!! It's been crazy chaos with the house selling, and then the holidays, but I've gathered up some inspiration for you. But first! Remember wee lil Sage Bloomer's first birthday party in August, designed by Joelle Bloomer? Well, it was just featured on the very popular Oh Dee Doh blog! Which is now Apartment Therapy. Yay!!! Check out the post here :)