Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Lynn Bloomer's Budget Basement Makeover

Talk about a really great makeover, on a budget! Look at the Before and Afters of Lynn Bloomer's basement. I love the grey and white tones...they were perfect to calm it down. Not to mention the white painted fireplace...much much better. And the sofas? These aren't even new sofas! They are slipcovers. Yummy. For the wallet and soul alike. Great job Lynn!

Paint out the brick on your fireplace? At first I was uncertain, but now I say YES!

Much calmer and much cozier now...

Love the grey painted out walls...and the large open windows...note the large wardrobe she also painted out white. Oh,and I also want to look through that telescope!


one stone events said...

wow! it's amazing how much paint can transform a room! looks fantastic!

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

i agree elissa...doesn't really take thousands of dollars does it?! she did an amazing job!