Monday, May 30, 2011

decal decor

Joelle Bloomer gave me an idea for my office blinds! Apparently the word on the street is that wallpapering cheap roller blinds can be really super cool. So, I was searching for some cool wallpapers online, and checked out Etsy, where I found something very astonishing. There are a LOT of decal companies, first off, but they all have SUCH nice decor staging. Like, where do they get all the cool furniture and room sets to show how cool their wall decals are? Here's an example. I mean, I am TOTALLY INSPIRED by some of these pics!

ahem, i'm lookin' at the cool chairs more than the bird decals - these are so cool! the birds are cool to though.

again, cool sofa, against such a crisp wall! oh and neat decal too.

another cool sofa? like the two same white pillows just thrown on eachother. simple. oh and cool dahlia decals.

funky light, funky table set, awesome orange wall (and yes, neato decals!)!

maybe i have this chair for our living room please? love it against that blue wall!

awesome table setting and the teal decal

baby room...this is just wallpaper that made me giggle. owls! but i don't know, i like that little rug and the perfect little balls on top. so clean and cute and fun.

{pic 2, 4 and 6 from Byrdie, pic 5 from urbanwall pic 1 and 3 from elmostudio, pic 7 from trendypeas}

Thursday, May 26, 2011

girls run the world!

Shayna Bloomer told me to look up this Beyonce tribute to Oprah...I lerved it! Check it part 1 and then part 2 here. I can't NOT post it on our Bloomerism site to share it with all you too! I love Beyonce. I bet she just feels so satisfied at the end of her day. Singin' cool things, dancin' like that, having all that hair. Oh and Shayna Bloomer loves her too - she might be her girl crush.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

my happy mom's day prezzie

I didn't know what to do for Mother's Day two weeks ago, but I wanted to do something my momma would have liked to have done with me. And I'm trying to be extra healthy lately, so eating a chocolate chip muffin was out of the question! So, since she liked painting and fixing things up too, I took an old urn from her basement and painted it a very bright colour to sit on my front porch, with the hopes that FINALLY people would know which house was mine - the one with the crazy blue flower urn!! She would have supported my Project De-Suburbanization. So I felt like she helped me with it...and we had fun with it ...and we also had fun trying to find her the most yellow-y bright flowers we could to make it extra zany :) And thanks to my Craigger for helping me too!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

new and improved silverware!

Thanks to cousin Bloomer Julia for letting me know that our beloved spray paint can ALSO be applied to old poopy silverware or cutlery that needs to be spruced! I just found a junkie set at my Dad Bloomer's house. Maybe this would be a cool thing to do with it? I think so - you know how I like my spraypaint...and anything yellow catches my eyeballs lately! Just need some tape, plastic, spray paint. Full "how to" instructions here.
{via Spearmint Kitchen via Creatively Christie}

Thursday, May 12, 2011

grey and brown decor

As my last blog post mentioned, I am looking to fix up my upstairs bathrooms. We didn't upgrade anything in there as it was too expensive, so our choices were limited. We knew we'd have to do some work, like paint the vanity, etc., but now the time has come! And it's a bit of a dilemma! We are working with a brown-ish/tan/gray speckled countertop, and white tiles with a thread of grey in them. We can paint the vanity whatever colour we want, but this is the hardest decision of all. What to paint the walls? What to paint the vanity? So that it looks fresh, but works with the grey in the tiles and the brown in the counter top? Here's some inspiration so far about coordinating grey, brown and whites. The outlook doesn't look too dismal...

i like the way the brown, grey and black combine here to have almost a vintage feel. But I have whiter floors than this...shiny white ceramic tile, with a thread of grey!

another bathroom blending the colours...the brown in here is more on the floor. We can see a bit better how the white ceramic sink basin plays off the other colours ... it does make a nice pop...but it's also just a smidgen of white...not an entire area...

ok, here we are. white floor. grey mat. brown walls. does look cool!

this is a dining room, I know! But i feel more inspired from this picture than most for some reason. That brown reminds me of our countertops (the colour, not the vintage-ness), and I love how it plays with the white and grey. Wouldn't do the red pop though! I NEED HAMMAN TOWELS by the way. That table cloth is freaking awesome. It's like one big Hamman Towel.

also a dining room with varying shades of brown, white and grey.

here's a backsplash with ALL the colours. a bit distracting, but still, I'm not hating the colour combos.

this is a bit sterile for my tastes, but this is more accurate as to what our tiles look like, just with a bit of a grey swirl in there. You can see how the brown plays in. I will need to play up some more grey though!

LOL, why does this inspire something in me? haha.

Any favourites, Bloomers? If you have suggestions, feel free to pass them along

{pic 1-5 from; pic 6 from CocoCozy; pic 7 i can't remember where? tell me if you know; pic 8 from}

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

just learned about hamman towels

I have been doing research on bathroom design, because it's time to fix my and Craigger's upstairs bathroom! He feels angry at it right now. The problem we have is that the standard choices were a bit ugs, so we have to tie together a brown-ish counter, with a bit of grey in the tiles. I do think it's do-able, hence the research I have been doing, which I will soon report on; However, in my journeys, I have discovered something...hamman towels! I don't know about you, but I always want my bathroom towels to be different...I hate how they are so standard and towel-y. And then I found these hamman towels and now I know what I want! It would make everything look that much better! Bringing a nice soft vintage appeal to such a small, sterile space. You likey too?

{pic 1 and 2 from Laviva Homes;
pic 3 and 5 from Style-Files; pics 4, 6 and 7 from House and Home}

Thursday, May 5, 2011

and i chose THIS little black dress for NYC...

...drum roll PLEASE........I FINALLy chose a little black dress from Canadian designer, Twenty Cluny!

Here are my "fashion model" shots {I think Craigger might have a future career in fashion photography - check his portfolio out at - he's super super super!}

It is very slim fitting, nice straight lines, which I prefer. Plus the lace detailing is amazing. I loved the neckline of this dress. I think Sage (Joelle Bloomer's baby) agreed...she started drooling and babbled "oo oo oo" when she saw the lace...

closer up on the neckline for you to see.

and back: the lace detailing went around

with a really funky zipper down the back that gave it just a little bit of an edge.

So. This dress is by a Canadian designer (which also really attracted me to the final sale - supporting someone local!) called Twenty Cluny. Her real name is Sarah Rabkin, an architect who happened to attend the Golden Globes wearing her own dress (she had a passion), and then poof, her career started to skyrocket. She's relatively new, I believe, and has so far been worn by Selena Gomez, Alicia Keys, Fergie and Megan Fox. Yay Canadians! But seriously, she is the QUEEN of the little black dress. And every woman should have a little black dress. So, if you need one, I'd highly suggest it!! Yes, that's my final advice. Fashion crash course for Melanie Bloomer is officially over. Phewf. Time to get back to decorating...

Oh, and here is the official model wearing the dress...sigh...

And here's a peek at some of the other little dresses in her collection that I liked. Pretty sexy stuff, no?

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wooly wonders

So my ridiculously talented and artful friend Rashmi made Noameo some adorable knitted treasures that make me want to squeal. Joelle and Melanie Bloomer have already put in their order for their own mini knitted cactus plant that never needs water! What's that you say?? Obviously I said a knitted mini cactus plant...what did you think I said? Sillies...

And that's not all...she made him this delicious little owl...

And of course a Gnome for Noameo...she will make a gnome for him every year...can't wait to see her clever gnomes of the future!!

She also made this adorable pees in the pod when I was preggers which made it's adorable way to my pregger belly shots that you will just have to imagine cause I'm not so keen on posting those pics up here for all to see!

Thanks Rashmi for your ever creative hands...start getting ready cause I think you will be bombarded with wooly wonder orders soon!