Thursday, May 12, 2011

grey and brown decor

As my last blog post mentioned, I am looking to fix up my upstairs bathrooms. We didn't upgrade anything in there as it was too expensive, so our choices were limited. We knew we'd have to do some work, like paint the vanity, etc., but now the time has come! And it's a bit of a dilemma! We are working with a brown-ish/tan/gray speckled countertop, and white tiles with a thread of grey in them. We can paint the vanity whatever colour we want, but this is the hardest decision of all. What to paint the walls? What to paint the vanity? So that it looks fresh, but works with the grey in the tiles and the brown in the counter top? Here's some inspiration so far about coordinating grey, brown and whites. The outlook doesn't look too dismal...

i like the way the brown, grey and black combine here to have almost a vintage feel. But I have whiter floors than this...shiny white ceramic tile, with a thread of grey!

another bathroom blending the colours...the brown in here is more on the floor. We can see a bit better how the white ceramic sink basin plays off the other colours ... it does make a nice pop...but it's also just a smidgen of white...not an entire area...

ok, here we are. white floor. grey mat. brown walls. does look cool!

this is a dining room, I know! But i feel more inspired from this picture than most for some reason. That brown reminds me of our countertops (the colour, not the vintage-ness), and I love how it plays with the white and grey. Wouldn't do the red pop though! I NEED HAMMAN TOWELS by the way. That table cloth is freaking awesome. It's like one big Hamman Towel.

also a dining room with varying shades of brown, white and grey.

here's a backsplash with ALL the colours. a bit distracting, but still, I'm not hating the colour combos.

this is a bit sterile for my tastes, but this is more accurate as to what our tiles look like, just with a bit of a grey swirl in there. You can see how the brown plays in. I will need to play up some more grey though!

LOL, why does this inspire something in me? haha.

Any favourites, Bloomers? If you have suggestions, feel free to pass them along

{pic 1-5 from; pic 6 from CocoCozy; pic 7 i can't remember where? tell me if you know; pic 8 from}

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