Wednesday, May 4, 2011

wooly wonders

So my ridiculously talented and artful friend Rashmi made Noameo some adorable knitted treasures that make me want to squeal. Joelle and Melanie Bloomer have already put in their order for their own mini knitted cactus plant that never needs water! What's that you say?? Obviously I said a knitted mini cactus plant...what did you think I said? Sillies...

And that's not all...she made him this delicious little owl...

And of course a Gnome for Noameo...she will make a gnome for him every year...can't wait to see her clever gnomes of the future!!

She also made this adorable pees in the pod when I was preggers which made it's adorable way to my pregger belly shots that you will just have to imagine cause I'm not so keen on posting those pics up here for all to see!

Thanks Rashmi for your ever creative hands...start getting ready cause I think you will be bombarded with wooly wonder orders soon!

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