Monday, May 30, 2011

decal decor

Joelle Bloomer gave me an idea for my office blinds! Apparently the word on the street is that wallpapering cheap roller blinds can be really super cool. So, I was searching for some cool wallpapers online, and checked out Etsy, where I found something very astonishing. There are a LOT of decal companies, first off, but they all have SUCH nice decor staging. Like, where do they get all the cool furniture and room sets to show how cool their wall decals are? Here's an example. I mean, I am TOTALLY INSPIRED by some of these pics!

ahem, i'm lookin' at the cool chairs more than the bird decals - these are so cool! the birds are cool to though.

again, cool sofa, against such a crisp wall! oh and neat decal too.

another cool sofa? like the two same white pillows just thrown on eachother. simple. oh and cool dahlia decals.

funky light, funky table set, awesome orange wall (and yes, neato decals!)!

maybe i have this chair for our living room please? love it against that blue wall!

awesome table setting and the teal decal

baby room...this is just wallpaper that made me giggle. owls! but i don't know, i like that little rug and the perfect little balls on top. so clean and cute and fun.

{pic 2, 4 and 6 from Byrdie, pic 5 from urbanwall pic 1 and 3 from elmostudio, pic 7 from trendypeas}

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