Friday, April 30, 2010

bookmarks can be cool

I'm love love loving these grassy page markers! Innovative and attractive - so much better than the random tissues we seem to use at our house to mark our pages :). From the Yuruliku Online Shop.
{found via Laissezfaire - thanks Celeste!}

Thursday, April 29, 2010

man trend: taking wedding fashion chances!

Looks like the mans are getting more into the whole wedding thing lately! Or their womans are forcing them too...not quite sure! But less and less am I seeing Tuxedo Royale clad wedding parties and boy oh boy am I grateful!

{Brightly coloured ties seem to be making the rounds. These found via Green Wedding Shoes}

{This guy looks pretty sharp - and I also love the backdrop! Found via Brooklyn Bride}

{Also found via Style Me Pretty, these sweaters make me smile!}

{This was from a photo shoot found via Style Me I guess a designer put this look together but methinks a man should copy it! And his woman should copy this girl's look pretty!}

{And of course my very own man and his two wedding looks that I am very proud to say he put together all by himself! He totally got the vintage look down with the Circus Wedding and then he put together a casual beachy ensemble for the Israel Wedding. Love it!}

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

miss cuppie hits up magnolia bakery in manhattan

there's no stopping a miss cuppie...

This weekend in Manhattan, Miss Cuppie hit up the one and only Magnolia Bakery, and, well, oh my goodness me, there are no words to describe this experience. Let's just put it this way: It's located in the Rockefeller Center, where NBC studios is located (so Tina Fey must go there ALL the time). Given its location, it is busy, and there are line ups out the door which, yes, Miss. Cuppie had to wait in. I felt a bit irritated by the wait, but once I got into the sweet little shop, which by the way had like a million workers icing those cuppies behind the counters to keep up with demand, I was absolutely floored by the cuteness and simplicity. The first thing I noticed was that the icing on all the lil cakes were so simple. There was nothing overly fancy here at all (as you can see by the pics). I couldn't really imagine how something so simple (even though pretty) could live up to it's insane reputation but, well, it might have been the best cupcake I have ever eaten. Ever. ESPECIALLY the "red velvet" one. The mysterious "red velvet" cupcake is apparently a blend of chocolate and vanilla batter, and it appears extra red (must be food colouring!). I was skeptical at first, but it really was insanity once the flavours hit my taste buds. And the whipped buttercream icing on top...mmm mmm mmm with gusto. When can I go back?!
My rate card for Magnolia Bakery:
Cupcake decor and aesthetic = very simple, soft colours, nothing fancy but still delicate and pretty
Cupcake variety = enough to make you second guess your final choice
Cupcake taste = oh my goodness gracious me
Cupcake icing = can i stick my face in a giant bowl of it and leave it there all day?
Shop decor = quaint, tiny, pretty; loved the patterned sugar counter (pic above)
Shop owner = no idea since it was jam packed and there were about 20 people working behind the counter!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

modern vintage kid decor

I was doing my morning peruse of all the delicious blogs out there and I stumbled across this adorably craft company through Poppytalk blog called Petit Collage. Is it weird that I just want them for myself?? Maybe a bamboo mobile above my bed would help me sleep...I choose the owl family! And I kind of want the fabric pennant wall stickers for above my office desk - they are removable, reusable and they don't wrinkle! I think they would make me happy and they would increase my work productivity. I really do!

Monday, April 26, 2010

new york, new york!

No word of a lie, you can ask my friend who travelled with me to New York City this weekend: I had Frank Sinatra's song stuck in my head the WHOLE time. But even though it was annoying at times, it sure provided a nice soundtrack for all the inspiring things we saw there! Here are a few of my favourite pics; just little NYC tidbits that tickled my soul!

Central park - so pretty:

And the wisteria in Central Park, oh my...

Exactly what you'd expect in NYC - a fleet of cabs:

In the Financial District, the buildings are so tall, but so immaculately designed and ornate. They don't make them like this anymore do they?

In Greenwich Village, my fav place of all, Aliya pointed out that all the buildings had the old fire escapes like you see in movies all the time. I realized that I have an affinity for fire escapes. I felt like I couldn't stop staring at them...

Look familiar? Yep, we ate there, just like Jerry, George, Kramer and Elaine! It's not the same inside though...darn!

Aliya spotted this building and pointed out how pretty the blue was on the building. It was really hard to get in a picture how pretty it was. It had dark turquoise blue behind the columns which made them stand out even more. They just needed red hanging baskets!

At City Hall I noticed the lamp posts were actually lit with a real flame - no lightbulb! Cool...

There were tulips everywhere! Even though these were on their way out, the colours were so pretty against the rest of the concrete jungle...

Friday, April 23, 2010

modernist dollhouses

I think my fascination with teeny things has been taken to a whole new level, especially now that it's been paired with decor. Check out this modernist dollhouse by Annina Gü looks like she constructs a lot of the mini furniture herself, with many of her designs inspired by IKEA and other modern furniture. How cute is that little bedroom, the bookshelf {I actually own a normal-sized version in my living room}, the sofa? The recycling bin is insane! You can see more right here and at Annina's Flickr account. {found via Making It Lovely}

Thursday, April 22, 2010

swimming season!

{From J Crew - loving the polka dot one at the top!}

{From Oli in the UK}

{From Anthropologie...aww fishy belt!}

This year I for sure want to find a perfect retro style bathing suit. I mean to each year, and I even have a rose petal bathing cap just waiting for its bathing suit match. I think I want a one piece but that cute high waisted bikini is pretty adorable too! I'm drooling over the ones from Anthro above - especially the stripey one with the little fishy belt! But they are bit too much sadly...I need to find a cost effective solution!