Thursday, April 15, 2010

vintage posters

I mentioned awhile ago that along with the bathroom reno came a very tiny redecoration of our main living room/dining room/kitchen area. Really there was already red there, I just decided to add in pale yellow accents. I took off the existing painting that hung over the couch and so far we have lived with an empty hole for the past couple of months. D and I really want to get something but we were having trouble deciding what it should be. We recently decided we would both like some kind of vintage poster but it is deciding on which one that is the tricky part! I am obviously partial to the circus ones and I really like the ones with the women on bikes as it has such significance in the feminist movement. I really like the one with the woman holding the bike over her head but the colours are not really right for the space. And I also love the Circus Girl one - it seems to be more orange and black - I think I could make that work but it isn't quite the yellow/red I had in mind...but how can I not chose a Circus Girl?? The other thing to think about is that it is quite a large space over the couch that I think it would suit a horizontal print better - but not many posters come horizontal. Although the horizontal one with the bicycles on tightropes is pretty marvy! Ahhh this is hard!

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joey said...

I just saw these on Design Sponge today Shayner...the red could be kind of graphic and cool too?!