Friday, April 16, 2010


A few months ago us Blooms went to a wedding show where we saw the most beautiful wedding cakes that just stopped us in our tracks! Seriously, Roxycake's creations put the Cake Boss to shame. Roxy creates wedding cakes with the most glorious hand-crafted flowers, but also some pretty incredible themed cakes too, like the above purse, hamburger and shoe! And I'm a bit obsessed with the dress cake.

Funny enough, the very day after we met Roxy, we were contacted by a wedding magazine to create some themed florals and we learned that Roxycakes would also be working on the same photo shoot! The magazine article isn't out until the Fall but in the meantime, here is a peek at Roxy's beautiful cakes...or maybe I should call them sculptures? Also check out her website here, as it is quite lovely itself and the music is fun too.

Is it me, or am I always writing about cakes or cupcakes?

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