Thursday, April 1, 2010

beautiful decor ideas

The use of LED lighting and tulle really makes this cake stand out!

This is particularly fetching for Christmas table decor!

For a Valentine's Day wedding try using red & white. Additions of tinfoil garlands and plastic pearl strings really give the table design depth and interesting layers. Another good idea for layers would be to add a napkin under the centerpiece.

Nothing says whimsical like a bride choking out her groom! Such a good idea!

This is a great cost-effective option for a one-stop decor kit!

It is imperative that all elements of your wedding should be kept consistent and match.

Another great example of consistency and how to keep a look matching throughout the event.
Wow! You can rent this entire Twinkle Tent for your special day!! I wonder how expensive it is...
Awww...these cute teddies would make a perfect touch to a whimsical wedding. I would put them on the cake table.



Julia said...

I just stared at that bowl of ornaments for 5 minutes asking myself which of you had gone off your thanks for making me laugh!!!

joey said...

oh my goodness...almost peed my pants. :)

Melly said...

oh my so hilarious...the teddy bears really got me!