Thursday, April 8, 2010

clever shelvers

I'm still looking for some clever shelving ideas for my home office. I don't want to just go to IKEA and get everybody's shelves...I would like my shelves to make me smile everyday. Take a look at some of the clever shelvers out there...I'm beginning to feel inspired!

I found these two pictures here. I posted something like the one with the jars before but I guess something about the cute jars speak to me. Still don't know what I'll put in them {candy??} but I know I'll have some form of dangling jar in my office!

Weee! If I were handy with a saw and had a multitude of tables I didn't mind slicing in half I'd try this out! Come to think of it...two people could be most happy with this arrangement! Divide and conquer! Found this picture here.

On the first season of Marriage Under Construction they had a designer named Lisa Santos Canning and I thought she had the most amazing, clever, recycled ideas for the house. She really came up with great ideas to make the house unique and functional on a budget. My favoriteist room was the closet/office room she made for Vanessa. I think she got the inspiration for the colour and pattern from a napkin {oh the way to a Bloomer's heart!}. She used tape to make the pattern and then painted it a purdy teal colour. She nailed pieces of old wood scraps on the wall and then added old doorknobs and hooks to them to hang scarves, hats etc. I can't wait until I get a house and can have a whole room for my closet/office! I would be most happy! Found these pictures here and here and here!


Linsay said...

Lisa Canning is so lovely! We worked with her at Willow (she designed a table for Eat to the Beat) and she's a sweethart!

Lisa Canning said...

Thanks Linsay! And thank you inBloom for this lovely post. This was my favourite room in the house too.

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

You're very welcome Lisa! Are you still designing? I would love to see what you have come up with now! Yours was my fave season of Marriage Under Construction by far :)