Wednesday, April 7, 2010

saying goodbye: melanie bloomer's bedroom

Now, my bedroom might not be quite as funkalicious as our beloved kitchen, but it sure is cozy and calm for resting. It's a whole new look in there, much more soft, less modern. Goodbye bedroom, we can't use any of your pieces for the new house (except for the bed frame)!

here's our bedroom, which we will say farewell to on june 30th. See my Monkey Children waving hello from the bed? My mom painted that open door painting on the wall before she passed away, and called it "New Beginnings". It's very special to me. The comforter is also custom made by my grandmother using two pieces of fabric from Urban Outfitters (thanks for the bday gift Aliya!).

My desk, this is where the magic happens, and yet in such a small space! I used to have a really cute little white desk that matched so well, but it was kind of too small to work at, so i had to crunch a bigger one in there!

The cherry blossom painting was one that my grandad brought back from China. It's neat. Painted on rice paper. The little picture collage to the left is of Shayna and I performing on the silks for our late mother. It gives me tears when I look at it still.

And the favourite thing on my desk - look what my monkey children got me for Christmas! They are so talented. This is SO coming to the new house.

This pic is dark but I really like the window in our bedroom, so I added it anyway.

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