Wednesday, April 14, 2010

school decor

i felt obsessed with this shelf for some reason...i loved the way they decorated it
a close up of the shelf...note the chalkboards and the colour letter blocks!

these clocks were so neat. i like the jumbled of them

a sample of their menu typography...also very modern

I found this pic of a dining room / office (can't remember where), but it reminded me of the decor in School...pretty cool eh?

For my birthday, my friend Emily took me to the cutest place for brunch, called School, in Liberty Village. It was so cute and the decor is awesome there. Not to mention the food is to die for! Everything was matte black and had chalkboards everywhere that looked like teachers' notes were scribbled on it. And they put an apple on a silver saucer at every table. Hee. It was so cool. It was cool like school! Hardy har har. Anyway, here's some decor from it. And then, I found another picture that reminded me of School but adapted to an actual dining room...should I change my house colours?! Told you I liked black!
{pic 2 spotlighttoronto; pic 1, 3, 4 from Jessica Claire's World; pic 5 from..I can't remember!}


Anonymous said...

Woohoo! I made the blog!!! Feeling very importanat :)
And it was a lovely brunch!

jo said...

Ooooh! Looks awesome there...will have to check it out.