Wednesday, March 10, 2010

saying goodbye: melanie bloomer's kitchen

It occured to me that I'm moving out in 3.5 months. Not that far away at all. And while I am SO ready to move,I will miss our first apartment at Yonge + St. Clair. So, I've decided to chronicle where I've lived for the last 2 years, showing you some of my favourite corners. My favourite room for sure is our kitchen. I feel very calm when I walk in there - the deep grey walls sooth my soul, and then the lime green accents perk me up! Its a marvy combination of feelings. Take a look!

our little breakfast nook. i admit these are fake apples. i used to have more but some of craigger's friends thought they were real and tried to eat them one night.
you know who you are :)

our wee kitchen table and chairs were made by my grandad years and years and years ago. i love the roughness of it (yes, including the exposed bolts)! and also note my fav green bucket. this green bucket is usually filled with flowers (and swamp water according to Craigger) depending on what i'm working on. and it also makes it way to alot of our events! its basically a part of me.

across from the table, is my little lime green chair. it used to be red but i painted it green to match. it basically acts as my toadstool since i am only 5'2" and can't reach our cupboards. or our toaster. hee.

and above the green chair, i love the vintage clock that i stole from shayna bloomer. hee again (but more sinister).

but perhaps my favourite part of the kitchen is my shelf. i love shelves with dishes on it. don't know why. i guess it looks friendly and lived in. but of course, the dishes have to match.

i found this big wok in our basement - my mom was into antiques! i like to pretend it was used for panning gold during the gold rush, but clearly, i just made that up.

i'll miss my lime green dishes (they won't match the new kitchen), but don't worry sam, we're keeping the sexy korean shot glasses fo' shizzle.

the bottom shelf holds maybe my fav item - the little green birdhouse. awww. it's so wonky and bent. i love wonky things. maybe it's because i'm wonky. i used the word wonky alot there.

and voila, the kitchen. hope you enjoyed!


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i've never noticed that cool birdhouse haha