Tuesday, March 9, 2010

ta da! our brand-new bathroom!

It's done! We finally have our glorious new bathroom finished and user-friendly! I know I'm not the greatest photographer but with the extra tight space and my not-so-pro point and shoot camera I don't think I'm doing it any sort of justice but you'll just have to take my word that it is gorgeous and better than we had imagined!

With our wall of mirrored cabinets the room looks twice the size and we also have three times the amount of storage! We haven't even figured out what to put on the top shelves of each! The double glass shelf in th
e shower was also a pretty marvelous touch as now we both have a place for our stuff without using the corners of the bathtub which always used to bother us. You'll note that the bottom one is mine and is much fuller! The top one is a bit blank but I'm sure I'll find a way to buy another shampoo to try and might borrow some shelf real estate!

The colours aren't completely true in this photo but the floor tiles are a grayish brown colour and the walls are a lighter version of the tiles. The "replacement" teak vanity is stunning and we are so happy we ended up with this one in the end. Also a nice surprise, our white glass tiles took on a grayish blue colour that although I wouldn't have chosen look so inviting and warm!

And the biggest surprise of all...we had settled on a super duper cheap tub that had a bit of a design on the apron {still hate that word!} but when our contractor pulled it out of the box it was absolutely PLAIN!!! Can you believe it?? We still don't know what happened but we definitely didn't ask any questions. We are thrilled!


Mel said...

woo hoo!! looks super!!!

j. said...

wow, it's lovely! wouldn't mind doing some business in there...:)