Friday, March 12, 2010

the baby nursery...part deux

A few weeks ago I was reading the blog of a fellow designer who also happens to be having a baby about a month before me. And she seemed to be spazzing out about decorating her nursery, unable to choose fabrics and patterns, colours and furniture. I remember thinking that she really needed to chill out! It's a baby's nursery...this should be fun!

Well, guess who is the spaz now?! I find myself in a similar boat suddenly, for some reason unable to make any decisions as to what colour or style my little pixie's nursery should be. It's gotta be the hormones, right? Or else the perfectionism of first-time parents who actually have the time to mull over hundreds of paint chips and to pour over nursery inspiration pics for hours.

I had the chance to buy the above beautiful Dwell Studio crib bedding at a VERY discounted rate, so at least it is something to start with! And as much as I was trying to avoid pink on the walls, it does look pretty darn good in these photos. I think yellow for the walls will be too much, but I could change my mind tomorrow. And the other option might be a light taupey-gray on the walls, which would provide a more neutral backdrop and also pick up some of the browns in the fabric. So here is my pink for a baby girl's room too cliche? Or is it so avoided now that it is original? I would use a soft, light pink, rather than a harsh, bright one. Is light taupey-gray too drab for a baby's room, or would it be relaxing? Ahhhh! Too many options...would love your opinion!

Here are some other inspiration pics that make use of both colours. Thanks Bloomies!

option one: pink walls with yellow and brown accents

option two: taupey-gray walls with pink {and in my case, some yellow} accents


Floralovely said...

I love the second image of the taupey grey walls with the soft pink curtains... Pink on the walls is too much for me!! xo

M said...

While I really want to say pink because I love those pics, I think the taupe walls (more taupe than grey maybe?), with pink accents really will be easier! And more easily changeable in the future :) So in essence, I agree with everyone else!

Rambling Renovators said...

I just stumbled on your blog... I love finding other Toronto bloggers! Hope you don't mind if I add you to my blog roll.

I like like the taupe walls from Making It Lovely. I think it really makes the other colours pop and you won't tire of it as easily.

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Thanks so much guys! So it looks like the consensus {on our Facebook page too} is to ditch the pink! I did feel a bit weird about pink...glad to get the confirmation. Neutral walls with pink/yellow accents it is!

Thanks so much!