Tuesday, March 23, 2010

i amsterdam

On our way to Israel we had a mini-holiday in Amsterdam and the adorable Utrecht. I had never been to Utrecht before but it is the sweetest town...felt like a fairytale really. The cutest shops filled with chocolates, amazing furniture, art and then amazing homes made out of storefronts like the house of my dreams I blogged about not so long ago!

I was so taken with this home in Utrecht pictured below. Someone converted this building into a living space. It is situated right on the canal and you can see from the second picture that they also used the space under the sidewalks as part of the house. So amazing!

This is basically what all of Utrecht looks like - how quaint!! Lots of flowers and adorable vintage bikes everywhere.

The shopping centre is situated along a canal - like a mini Amsterdam! There are old spaces under the sidewalks that have been converted into living spaces, artist studios, bars and restaurants!

The "Beer Boat" brings the beer along the canal and drops it off at all the little bars and patios!

Funny chocolate treats in the window of a chocolate shop! These little chicks are poking out of a a candy egg shell that looked so real! Don't think I could actually eat this!

In Amsterdam we rented bikes and had so much fun flying along the little streets by the canals! I was obsessed with all the house boats that line the canals. It just seems like a whole new creative design opportunity to me! Not sure I'd like to live on one really but I would sure like to decorate one!! Most of these pictures are taken from a canal boat tour so it was hard to get nice shots through the glass.

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Melly said...

beautiful! i wish i could go there...