Monday, March 1, 2010

i love crazy crowds

Isn't the photo (above) an amazing shot? Found it on Globe + Mail website

click here for even more crazy reactions on video of people climbing things!

{and click here for a video of good old Toronto's reaction!}
I KNOW you watched the game last night, and if you're Canadian like the 'Bloomers, you're absolutely bursting at the seams with pride. And not ONLY because we won the most gold medals ever in a winter games, but because you have never witnessed Canadians so driven, so proud, and so darn excited to just be Canadian all together. I just love it. I love seeing people going crazy with excitement - and perhaps this is why the Bloomers love the high of producing events - we're junkies for human reaction! From Alex Bilodeau's first gold medal, when the Canadian crowds went bananas, to Sidney Crosby's last gold medal-winning goal last night, people jumped for joy, and screamed, and climbed random things, from Vancouver to Nova Scotia - and my cousin says even in France the game was epic! I have so enjoyed the extreme high I have gotten after each medal was won, and am actually very disappointed that the Olympic games are over. I have REALLY enjoyed this nationalistic pride (albeit, I do feel emotionally exhausted from the rollercoaster of anxiety and happiness I've been on). But yes, I cry each time Canada wins, and last night was no exception; in fact, it was the pinnacle! The icing on the loveliest cupcake ever. Yah Canada, we deserve a gold medal for our crazy cheering crowds!!!

Oh, and if you're interested, a good overview of the gold medal hockey game win last night is here on the ctv news website!

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