Wednesday, March 17, 2010

a non-cheesy wedding website

Wedding websites have become pretty popular lately and really are such a wonderful way to communicate all of a wedding's details - directions, instructions, accommodations, registries. Is it just me though - are they usually a tad cringe-worthy and maybe just a little on the cheesy side?

This past weekend I attended a wedding and noticed that the bride and groom listed a website on their invitation. Curious, I checked it out...and I was super impressed by the lack of cheese! In fact, the website was quite wonderful and showcased the couple's beautiful engagement photographs {some of which featured the groom's funky vintage Vespa}, a story of how they met, downloadable and printable maps to the ceremony and reception, and many more wedding details. So organized!

Congrats to Eddy and Mary...their wedding was absolutely lovely and included a lot of really personal details. They did an amazing job! Be sure to check out their non-cheesy wedding website here...


Anonymous said...

Another one I have found:

kennady said...

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