Tuesday, March 2, 2010

rockin' red accents

I've been noticing lately that bright, shocking red is becoming a funky accent piece. I really didn't used to be a fan of the modern cherry red armchair D. had in our apartment before I met him. But after 3 years of living with it has grown on me immensely! I now think it is pretty awesome and I feel bad that I used to say I didn't like it!

Here is a pic of our shocking red armchair which has since inspired the red + yellow colour palette I am currently trying to implement. I also seem to have incorporated a teeny bit of grey to soften the harshness between the red and the black leather couch. I actually had this yellow pillow from West Elm in our office and I shifted it over to the living room to see how I liked the colour combo - I quite like it!

And here are other red options that are bold and awesome! I'm a bit ashamed though...I captured them the other night and was so tired I forgot to save where I found them! If anyone knows let me know!

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