Wednesday, March 3, 2010

if i had a grey and yellow wedding...

It would like it to look a little like this:
long tables of course, maybe a little less on the orange-y fleurs though {pic from weddingsonthefrenchriveria}

something wild for the centerpieces lining the tables {pic from saipua}

or something a little like this..{pic from saipua}

something like this for my bouquet; i lerrrve ranunculous, but maybe a bit more texture and wildness to the bouquet would be swell - like the centerpieces above! {pic from housemartin}

my invitations would be something yummy like this {pic from chartreuselove}

for the bridesmaids, a darker grey could be cool...{can't remember where this pic from!}

... but i think i like my bridesmaids to be wearing something light and airy like this best! {pic from sexyredframe}

and altogether, we'd look like this!! {pic from weddingsonthefrenchriviera}

and maybe this lervely headpiece from house of telsa too
I think it's all rather marvy. Thoughts?

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