Tuesday, February 9, 2010

red and yellow together...not in mcdonalds?

When we were organizing our condo for the bathroom renovation we had to take apart our living room/kitchen/dining room area and store it in the bedrooms. In the process, I started re-decorating in my head - always looking for an opportunity! We have a bright red arm chair in the living room. Our kitchen, which is open to the dining/living area has a bright red retro espresso machine on the counter. I also have in storage a pale yellow retro toaster that I love but originally thought would look funny with all the colours going on. We also have in storage an old antique sideboard at me Pa's that we are going to refinish and paint red for use in the dining area. And then on the weekend we popped by one of my fave shops Chatelet on Queen West we found these adorable vintage knobs that are a pale yellow and red. We bought them to put on the sideboard....do you see where I'm going with all this? Its like all of a sudden I can only see everything in red and yellow but in a nice not McDonalds way? McDonalds has had the monopoly on this colour palette for way too long and I think it is time to release it!

This looks really nice to me! Only problem is, we will have more black or dark accents then the white. I think the white makes this look as good as it does. I found this picture here.

This is similar to our side board! I could find a cute yellow rug for under the dining table instead of for the dog dishes for the dog we don't have! This one is from decor pad blog.

Maybe this is a bit ketchup and mustard...ours would be more accents of colour then the walls in the apartment but I commend them for their boldness! This is from the My Flat in Paris blog...if I had a flat in Paris I'd be bold too.

I really like this combo of colours...the light blue, red and light yellow...a twist on primary colours. But not for a living room...it would make me happy to have an office like this although it is obviously made for a kids room...hmmm....guess I am a kid! Also from Decor Pad blog!

I like this design board that shows you how to combine the colours in a lighter palette. I think the pillows would be a good accent piece. And the cool yellow hanging lamp. Found on Young House Love blog.

Well...now that I've collected all those pictures and posted them...I think I might have made my decision. But still would like to know if anyone has any thoughts. Can I relinquish the hold McDonalds has on this colour scheme??

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Melanie said...

i like!! i wasn't sure at first when i heard red and yellow (due to ronald mcdonald!), but these pictures showed me that red and yellow can actually look pretty darn cool!