Wednesday, February 3, 2010

my baby bloomer bump

Maybe it's because pregnancy is calculated in weeks, but time seems to be flying by and my baby bloomer bump is cooking along! Although I'm not sure if I officially look pregnant to the outside world yet, or if strangers just think I've eaten too many cookies.

P. and I decided to document my development each month in photos and this is my belly so far. It's probably my last week for squeezing into this blue dress before buttons start flying! Any maternity store suggestions in Toronto or online would be more than welcome :).


Anonymous said...

You look great! Congrats! I love that blue dress by the way :)
I have zero advice on where to shop, at 6 months I'm still attempting to work my pre-bump wardrobe...on the top half at least. Pants are a whole other world... try "thyme" maternity they have cute stuff. And leggings, leggings and more leggings! With dresses, tunics, P's t-shirts...
That's my two cents :)
Love the pics!

Anonymous said...

You are just TOO cute, congrats Joelle!!! I have a few friends around the office expecting, I will ask them for some shopping advice!!

julia l.

{and inBloom Event Design} said...

Thanks so much ladies! Yes, leggings leggings leggings for sure! I am just having trouble finding tops long enough to cover my bump and my butt so not to offend. :) Guess I'll be going shopping!