Wednesday, February 17, 2010

good lookin' toilet brushes?

I never thought I'd be blogging about toilet brush design, but D. has very particular requests when it comes to toilet brushes and so I found myself researching toilet brushes that would suit our currently in renovation mode bathroom. He doesn't like when they have an open top because that is just gross {I agree} and it has to have a replaceable brush because otherwise you are throwing out an entire toilet brush holder which is wasteful, it has to be a strong enough material to allow for some sort of bleachy disinfectant to be left in the bottom at all times BUT it can't be metal because it tends to leave rust rings on the pretty tiles. Hmmm.

We did have a perfect one from IKEA once that was white ceramic with a little grey stripe on the top that met all our germaphobe and design needs and we were finally happy {yes this great search for toilet brushes is years old}. But one day it got knocked over and cracked in half and then IKEA stopped making them and currently only offer a metal one with a dorky flower cut-out or the cheapy $2 plastic ones that are a great price but unfortunately don't meet the closed top requirement.

I saw one that I am tempted to buy at Vienna Douglas Collection, which is where we bought our vanity and towel bars, that is a white ceramic bulldog. I'm not normally an dog/cat kind of decor person but there is something about this one that makes me giggle. Only prob is it has a covered front but the back is left open and the brush won't be able to disinfect in its requisite bleachy product.

Here are other ones I found. Oddly the UK seems to have the market on these things. I think I'm most taken with the old-fashioned bucket and's funny and nice! But concept...however open in a deep kind of way where the bleachy can be contained. But will it rust?

Ha ha...funny Pinocchio staring at you while cleaning! And I like how he balances on his hat. Not sure it will do justice to our beautiful, modern reno!

This is pretty purdy but it is from the UK. NOT going to ship my toilet brush from the UK!

These are nice...I found them on the Furnishing My Home! blog but I can't figure out where to buy them.

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